Bathology PreciseTemp 410

Commercial Sauna Room Thermometer, Metal, Round, 5-7/8"

PreciseTemp 410

Sauna bathing elegance and precision by Bathology!

The Bathology PreciseTemp 410 Commercial Sauna Room Thermometer is designed to simplify sauna room operation and provide bathers the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the environments they bathe in.

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Consider the benefits and value of installing the Bathology PreciseTemp 410 interior-mounted thermometer:

  • Bathers benefit by knowing the room temperature while they bathe
  • Operators enjoy walk-by environment monitoring
  • Owners reduce their liability by providing bathing temperature feedback within the sauna bathing environment
  • Attendants save time reacting to nuisance temperature or operation complaints
  • Operators save time troubleshooting environment operating concerns
  • + or - 1 Degree accuracy and displays Fahrenheit
  • Club can post or promote environment operating temperature standards
  • No guessing, a low or high reading indicates a concern
  • Simplifies women's locker bathing environment troubleshooting.

Simple to install in any sauna bathing environment, the surface-mounted, PreciseTemp 410 boasts a rugged chrome plated brass body and an elegant 5" clear glass face to showcase it attractive and easy to read dial. Employing three 1/2" wood screws and a 3/8" mounting flange, this gauge mounts securely for a near permanent installation.

  • Brass, chrome plated body
  • Three 1/2" mounting screws
  • + or - 1 degree accuracy
  • Fahrenheit readout
  • 5" Impact-resistant glass face
  • Ideal sized, easy-read black/white face
  • Bather education while sauna bathing
  • Walk-by operator monitoring
  • Reduced liability
  • Time savings for attendants and operators
  • Facilitates environment troubleshooting
  • Promotes environment operating temperature standards
  • Simplifies women's locker bathing environment troubleshooting
  • Dial thermometer, 5" diameter face
  • (3) 1/2" Wood screws
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Model PreciseTemp 410
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Material Solid brass, chrome plated body, impact glass face
Depth 1-7/16"
Diameter (glass face) 5"
Temperature Range 30-230 Degrees Fahrenheit
Diameter (mounting flange) 5-7/8"