Bathology Spectrum 220

Ice-White LED In-Shower Lighting System

Spectrum 220

Rediscover Bathing with the purity of Ice White, by Bathology.

The Spectrum 220 Ice White LED Lighting System delivers mood-setting ambiance and visual clarity right where it's needed. Designed for in-shower use and is engineered to withstand the extremes of steam showers.

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This water-safe lighting system features four digitally controlled LED lights that can be located in any shower, steam bath, or bathing space. Their low-profile, flush-mounted design enables them to be installed in convenient space-defining locations, while providing the ideal amount of lighting for superior bathing ambiance.

Each light illuminates locations such as benching, walkways, corners, and niches for safety, convenience, and visual style. It also highlights various effects within its radius such as swirling mist, shimmering water, falling droplets, or rushing falls. Consequently, the more lights installed, the greater the impact on the bathing environment.

The Spectrum 220 comes complete with everything necessary to create a memorable bathing experience. Four LED, Ice White lights with the option to expand to six, are controlled by a slim-profile 2" diameter switch. This in-shower switch features a soft-touch keypad, with on/off, status indicator light, and 20-minute timer function, allowing for set it and forget it convenience.

Note: These lights are not intended as primary, task-based light sources, but rather to accent various environment elements such as water features, niches, and benching while creating an incredible ambiance-filled visual experience.

Bathing Enthusiasts! Send us your bathing area drawings. We welcome the opportunity to specify a color bathing system and layout that will exceed your expectations and change your life! Call us at 800-707-2862 or email us at and a bathing specialist will be excited to assist you.

  • In-shower use
  • 6-Light capacity
  • Low-voltage operation (5VDC)
  • 20-Minute off-delay
  • Soft-Touch keypad in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish
  • Water-safe materials
  • In-shower convenience
  • Set it and forget it
  • Safe operation
  • 20-Minute internal electronic timer
  • Flush-mounted, low-profile design
  • 4 LED in White, Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel trim
  • 8 O-rings
  • 4 Light cables
  • Soft-Touch light switch, 2-1/32” diameter x 1-5/16” deep, white, 5VDC, in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel trim
  • Power supply module with NEMA male plug, 120VAC/60HZ, 15 AMP
  • 25’ Light extension cable
  • 25’ Soft-Touch switch cable
  • 2 Plastic wall anchors
  • 2 Stainless steel screws, #6
  • Installation and operation manual
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Model Spectrum 220
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Type Flush-Mounted
Voltage 5V DC
Diameter 2-1/32"
Trim Depth 3/16"
Trim Finish Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel
Body Diameter 1-17/32"
Body Depth 1-5/16"
"Rough-In" Cut-Out 1-1/2" Diameter
Time Circuit 20-Minute Off Delay
Maximum Wall Material Thickness 2-1/2"
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Power Supply
Electrical 120VAC, 15 AMPS (0.155 A @ 120 Vac)
Length 6-1/8"
Width 4-1/4"
Height 2-18"
Testing CSA, Type 2
Shipping Weight 9 lbs
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Brilliance Fixture
Type LED White
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Maximum Input Current 75mA @12V DC
LED 9 LED Lights
Beam Angle Wide Angle
Trim Finish Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel
Housing Composition ABS Plastic
Lens Clear, 1-11/64" Diameter
Lens Composition Optical Grade ABS
"Rough-In" Cut-Out 1-5/16"
Trim Dimensions 1-11/16" Diameter, 7/32" Profile
Body Dimensions 1-1/4" Diameter x 1-29/32" Deep
Rating N/A
Certification CSA / UL