Bathology Spectrum 230

In-Shower Light Switch

Spectrum 230

Bathology puts shower light control where it’s needed most… inside the shower!

No more bathing with insufficient light…. the Bathology Spectrum 230 In-Shower Light Switch allows for on, off, and dimming control – all from the warming sprays of your shower.

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Designed for optimal bather convenience, the Spectrum 230 is a flush-mounted, small-scale control measuring 2” in diameter. This low-voltage switch integrates soft-touch power and dimming buttons, along with a status indicator light to set your scene. This versatile accessory is suitable for all fixtures that operate with standard type dimmers and is ideal for steam showers, steam rooms and luxury showers.

Upon entry, simply press the power icon for full shower illumination. To set a mood, touch the down-arrow for your desired bathing ambiance. During a steam bath, dimmed lighting sets an alluring atmosphere, whereas while showering, medium-level lighting may be preferred. For cleaning activities, the maximum light your fixture will permit would probably be the most beneficial. Up to five in-shower lights…a myriad of settings.

The esthetically pleasing Spectrum 230 is available in Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel designer finishes. It operates at 5 volts DC and benefits from an internal 20-minute electronic timer which ensures your shower light will never remain on for too long.

A note about Steam Shower and In-Shower Lighting
Whenever possible, proper lighting should always be considered for a shower or steam bath. Effective in-shower lighting enhances vision, bathing safety, and environment ambiance. Overall, a low-voltage, in-shower light switch that provides dimming and an internal timer will offer usability and functionality that will be appreciated every day.

  • In-shower use
  • Low-voltage operation (5VDC)
  • 20-Minute off-delay
  • Soft-Touch keypad, Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes
  • Water-safe materials
  • Standard fixture dimming capability
  • In-shower convenience
  • Complete lighting-level control
  • Safe operation
  • 20-Minute internal electronic timer
  • Flush-mounted, low-profile design
  • Soft-Touch Light Switch, White, Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel trim
  • Power supply module
  • Coupler
  • 25’ Soft-Touch Switch cable
  • (2) Plastic wall anchors
  • (2) Stainless steel screws, #6
  • Nema male plug
  • Strain relief bushing
  • RTV silicone sealant, .5 oz tube
  • Installation and operation manual
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Model Spectrum 230
Shipping Weight 9 lbs
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Light Switch
Type Flush-Mounted
Dimming Rage 50%
Voltage 5V DC
Diameter 2-1/32"
Trim Depth 3/16"
Trim Finish Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel
Body Diameter 1-17/23"
Body Depth 1-5/16"
"Rough-In" Cut-Out 1-1/2"Diameter
Time Circuit 20-Minutes Off Delay
Wall Material Thickness 2-1/2"
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Power Supply
Operating Voltage 120V AC
Nominal Amperage 15 AMPS
Length 7-7/8"
Width 7-1/2"
Height 3-1/4"
Testing CSA, Type 2