Thermasol B01-2001

Armomatherapy HydroSol Mist Essential Oil, 3ml


ThermaSol Armomatherapy HydroSol Mist Essential Oils are the perfect compliment to the soothing effects of a steam shower. Simply add two to four drops to your steamhead reservoir and enjoy an uplifting sensory vacation.

Available in French Lavendar or Bulgarian Rose

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Bulgarian Rose Water is prized for its numerous therapeutic properties. This natural aphrodisiac is used to relieve tension and depression and to enhance creativity.

This 100% organic essential oil creates an inspired bathing experience that you will anticipate daily. Rose Hydrosol aroma oils are formulated to infuse with the vapor to create a luxurious spa-like getaway.

ThermaSol offers a variety of other aromatherapy oil scents to best suit your preferences.

  • 100% Organic
  • Sensory enhancement
  • Infuses fully with the steam
  • Multiple scent options
  • 3 oz spray bottle
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Model B01-2001
Size 3 oz
Organic Yes