Bathology Brilliance 450

LED RGB Wall, Floor & Ceiling Light

Brilliance 450

Discover the "Brilliance" of color bathing, with Bathology

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Discover the "Brilliance" of color bathing, with Bathology.

Brilliance 450 LED RGB Color Lights operate with Bathology  Spectrum 511 and 551 Color Bathing Systems to immerse any sauna room in most any color, including white.

These low-profile chromotherapy fixtures utilize the intelligence of DMX technology to produce their awe-inspiring colors. Small-scale 1"  frosted optical lens for a widespread, color-washed ambiance. Appropriately named "Brilliance", these wall-mounted  mood lights contain one tri-colored LED for superior color mixing innovation.

Note: As room layout  and color bathing preferences vary, Bathology provides a guideline of one Brilliance 420 fixture per 3 Linear foot of wall.

  • Low-voltage LED lights
  • One tri-colored LED
  • RGB White light
  • Dimmable
  • 40-Degree beam angle
  • 1" Frosted optical lens
  • Superior color mixing innovation
  • Brilliant color lighting
  • Small-scale, low-profile fixtures
  • Ceiling mounting
  • RGB White light
  • Low-voltage safe operation
  • One Brilliance 450 light fixture
  • One Cat6 cable, DMX driver port, 12'
  • One Cat6 cable, light, 25' 
  • One RJ-45 splitter 
  • One RJ-45 coupler 
  • Installation and operation manual