Steamist HC-BDT

ASME Blow-Down Tank


The optional Steamist ASME Blow-down Tank meets ASME code and is designed to safely augment the blowdown process.

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During the blowdown process, this tank will readily accept the pressurized water/sediment allowing for safe draining once contents have cooled. Equipped with temperature and pressure gauges and gauge glass assembly, the HC-BDT operates with all HC boilers.

  • Hot water drainage into tank before the usage of drainage system.
  • The tank permits HC Blowdown system to stay complaint with codes prohibiting discharge of water exceeding 140°F.
  • Boiler HP Max: 15
  • Maximum Blowdown Separator Pressure: 65 psi
  • HC Series Blowdown Tank
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Model: HC - BDT
Width: 12 in.
Height: 27.75 in.
Boiler HP Max: 15
Max Blowdown Separator Pressure: 65 PSI


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