Auroom Sauna Pillow

Sauna Pillow, Black, Natural Linen & Cotton Blend

Sauna Pillow

The Auroom Sauna pillow, made from natural linen and cotton, is heat resistant and machine washable.  Designed to enhance the comfort of your sauna experience, this item is a must-have for all sauna lovers.


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Linen is naturally hypo-allergenic and has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties which makes it a perfect fabric for this stylish sauna pillow. Slip one behind the neck for a relaxing sauna session.

  • Natural linen & cotton blend
  • Heat resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of constant use
  • Sauna pillow
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Model Sauna Pillow
Material Natural linen & cotton blend
Color Black
Length 14.96"
Width 7.87"
Machine Washable Yes