HUUM Stones 12

Extra Small (3-5 cm) Sauna Heater Stones

Stones 12

33 lbs of 1" - 2" (3-5 cm) of rounded olivine sauna stones. We highly recommend using rounded stones in HUUM heaters to complement the design and have milder steam. 

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These HUUM rounded granite sauna stones compliment the artful design of  any HUUM sauna heater and are selected for their ability to stand up to extreme heat variations. Throwing water on the stones is how you regulate heat and steam in the sauna. These rounded olivinie stones are durable and have high heat capacity and resist fracturing. 

The shape, size and composition of the stones and the way they are arranged make all the difference. We recommend rounded stones because they provide a milder steam. Thanks to the rounded shape the water can reach inner layers of stones and evaporate gradually instead of evaporating all at once from the top layer. Since they are very visible in HUUM heaters, you need both smaller and bigger stones to avoid big noticeable gaps. We also suggest laying smaller stones and more close together on the top to accumulate the heat better.

  • Olivine diabase sauna stones
  • Rounded shape to complement heater design
  • Durable with high-heat capacity
  • Stones range from 1" to 2" (3-5 cm)
  • 33 lb box of 1" to 2" (3-5 cm) round Olivine sauna stones