Bathology Essentials 456

Sauna Room Thermometer/Hygrometer, 4, RD

Essentials 456

Bathology Sauna Thermometer/Hygrometer monitors the temperature and humidity all in one gauge to simplify your bathing experience.

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Whether you like a dry or a more humid bathing experience you will love this Bathology Sauna Thermometer/Hygrometer not only does it measure the temperature but also the humidity level, conveniently in one gauge. You will be able to find your perfect mixture to help you get the peace and happiness you deserve.  

  • Easy to read
  • Color coated areas for recommended temperature and humidity
  • Classic Round Design
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer all in one
  • Bathology Sauna Thermometer/Hygrometer
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Model Essentials 456
Material Chrome with a high temperature plastic
Depth 1"
Diameter 4"
Temperature Range 70-250 Degrees Fahrenheit