Bathology Essentials 500

Sauna, Birch Whisk, 20", 4oz

Essentials 500

This 20" birch sauna whisk is a bundle of select young birch tree twigs used for a traditional Finnish massage during your sauna. The experience of an authentic Finnish whisk massage will add a new dimension to your sauna bathing session.


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No true Finnish sauna experience is complete without a whisk massage. A sauna whisk is made from young birch tree twigs, which are bundled together and used for a special massage during your sauna. In Finland, only a birch whisk it considered a true sauna whisk. Gently whipping with the whisk helps stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.

Birch is said to be the king of sauna whisks, with multiple health benefits and a delightful aroma, you will never go wrong choosing a birch whisk. The birch leaves have essential oils that aid in improving your mood by promoting a soothing calm feeling. Birch leaves contains saponins which have earned the name "natural soap" due to the cleaning properties they offer which helps cleans the skin and promote healing of scratches and small wounds along with treating mosquito bites.  

The combination of the essential oils, saponins, glycosides, minerals,  vitamin C, and provitamin A will leave your skin smooth and elastic and is also beneficial for your scalp and hair. This beneficial combination widens the main air passages to the lungs making it the best choice for people who smoke or suffer from asthma. Birch is also used to help relieve pain in muscles and joints after physical exercise. 

  • All natural
  • Relieves pain in muscles and joints
  • Widens main air passages to the lungs
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Improves mood
  • Has cleaning properties for your skin
  • Beneficial for hair and scalp
  • 20" birch whisk
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Model Essentials500
Length 20"
Weight 4 oz