Amerec 9208-101

External On/Off Switch


External on/off switch for commercial steam use. Mounts near steam rooms so bathers can start steam production. 

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This momentary, illuminated switch provides simple ON/OFF function to your SL2-C Sauna Control. In a commercial environment, it is recommended, that the main Sauna Control be located either in a utility closet or at the Attendant’s desk so the sauna time and temperature functions can be secured from the general public. This optional external switch will provide the sauna bather with the ability to turn the sauna ON or OFF only.

When the momentary switch is activated, the power icon will illuminate in blue and activate the sauna session that has been programmed into the main control (SL2-C only). Activating this button will only start the preprogrammed sauna session (run time and temperature) but will not control interior lights or Bluetooth features.

  • External On/Off Switch
  • User Friendly
  • Used with Pure 2.0 sauna control
  • Power icon illuminates
  • External On/Off Switch
  • 50' Control Cable
  • RJ-10 pigtail adapter