Mr.Steam 103810

Essential Oil, 10ml Bottle


Mr.Steam has carefully created these essential aroma oils that combine with luxurious steam presenting invigorating scents all throughout your steam shower or steam bath enclosure.

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These exquisite aroma selections introduce a refreshing sense of complete aromatherapy to transform your steam room into an aroma bath.

The Mr.Steam Essential Aroma Oils offer unique fragrance made of natural plant extracts with characteristic benefits that enrich overall steam bathing experiences and leave you rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed. These scents and their specified purposes include:

  • Eucalyptus: A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, may help open air passageways
  • Lavender: A sweet, lightly floral scent, may help soothe anxiety with its calming restorative properties
  • Breathe: A tropical combination, may help clear chest, nose, and sinuses
  • Evergreen: a refreshing blend of spruce, fir, and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning
  • Energizing Mint: A blend of mint, citrus, and herbs, may stimulate and energize

Should Mr.Steam Essential Aroma Oils interest you, consider the savings offered in their Chakra Oil 7-pack or Essential Oil 5-pack. These sets include all Mr.Steam Chakra and Essential Oils to fully explore the Mr.Steam steam shower experience.

For an automated aromatherapy steam bath experience, consider the Mr.Steam AromaSteam Essential Oil Delivery System which automatically infuses your favorite aroma into the steam line for the ultimate Mr.Steam aromatherapy experience.

  • 10mL Glass bottle
  • Dropper-type dispenser
  • Available in Eucalyptus, Lavender, Breathe, Evergreen, and Energizing Mint
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Model 103810
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 1 lb
Height 2-3/4"
Diameter 1"