Home Saunas by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Home Saunas


Indoor Home Sauna Room Kit by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Indoor Saunas
Relax at home with beautifully crafted indoor saunas from SaunaLife! These spaces create the very best bathing experiences at an affordable price.
Explore a variety of indoor sauna kits that best suit your home décor.

Outdoor Home Saunas by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Outdoor Saunas
Enjoy an authentic Scandinavian sauna experience with SaunaLife outdoor saunas. These elegant rooms are designed to provide years of natural beauty & reliability.
Outdoor saunas from SaunaLife are available in an array of unique styles & sizes.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Sauna Barrels
SaunaLife sauna barrels are ergonomically engineered for superior comfort. These spacious, easy-to-assemble rooms are the perfect addition to any patio.
Choose between a wide range of configurations of DIY barrel saunas.

Backyard Hot Tub by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Hot Tubs
Create your dream relaxation oasis with SaunaLife woodfired hot tubs! These high-performance, fast-heating spas are built to provide a lifetime of bathing enjoyment.

Outdoor Shower Barrel by SaunaLife

SaunaLife Barrel Showers
SaunaLife barrel showers are the ideal complement to any outdoor sauna or pool! These spaces provide year-round weather resistance and exceptional durability.