What to Know When Buying a Barrel Sauna

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At SteamSaunaBath, we offer a wide range of premium sauna barrels from SaunaLife, a team with tremendous experience creating home saunas. Here are some important factors to consider when buying a barrel sauna.
Comfort & Ergonomics

Bathing comfort is an essential consideration when buying a barrel sauna. Smaller barrels cut corners and can be less expensive; but there is a big drop off in quality and comfort.


With a large diameter and spacious 6’5” interior height, SaunaLife barrel saunas provide plenty of space to stand or stretch out.


Each room is ergonomically engineered for superior comfort, with contoured seating and arched, slanted backrests. The rounded walls help heat circulate more evenly throughout the sauna.

Premium Materials

SaunaLife barrel saunas are precision-crafted in Northern Europe – where sauna is a way of life – using the highest-grade, sustainable Nordic woods.


Seating is made from knot-free, satin-smooth, grade A Thermo-Aspen. This robust wood is remarkably resilient and weather resistant, and has ideal thermal properties for a sauna so it will never be too hot against your skin.


Every SaunaLife barrel features industry-leading 1.65" thick, full-length Thermo-Spruce outer staves for maximum durability and exceptional thermal resistance (R-value). This organically modified, eco-friendly wood is dimensionally stable and perfect for outdoor saunas.

Durable Construction

Outdoor sauna rooms from SaunaLife are designed to withstand the most adverse weather in any season, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy year-round.


These DIY barrel saunas include a watertight shingle kit with side-mounted drip edges for protection through inclement conditions and superior water management.


Each room features ultra-strong 1-7/8” wide and 1/8” thick stainless-steel barrel bands that compress the massive wood staves and create a rock-solid structure.

Innovative Features

Superior engineering results in a backyard sauna barrel that is easily assembled and packed with innovative features. ERGO-Series barrels include a modern "dotless" white LED lighting system with hand-held remote control for on/off/dim operation. Each room comes with dual floor drains for efficient drainage.


SaunaLife offers a wide range of sizes (up to 6-person capacity) and configurations of barrel saunas. Explore a wide variety of accessories and lighting fixtures to further enhance your sauna experience.

Quality Craftmanship

SaunaLife saunas are designed by expert sauna craftsmen and made of hand-selected woods in Nordic Europe. By combining quality materials with exceptional craftmanship, SaunaLife barrel saunas provide a lifetime of sauna satisfaction.


SaunaLife barrel saunas are engineered for simple DIY installation. Two people can assemble the sauna barrel in less than a day.


There are no inferior materials in SaunaLife ERGO-Series sauna barrels. These rooms are over-engineered to last a lifetime.
What to Avoid

Manufacturers of cheap sauna barrels cut corners by using low-quality wood and not using full-length staves, producing a structurally weaker barrel that's more difficult to assemble. Cheaper saunas typically have thinner walls  and benches that are prone to warping and breakage over time. These spaces use lower-quality exterior wood that is not thermally modified, vastly reducing its lifespan


Lower-quality saunas generally come with poorly cut panels that are hard to assemble. Smaller diameter barrels save money by using less material and their lower height results in a cramped environment and makes standing difficult.

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