Outdoor Home Saunas by Auroom


5-Person | Outdoor
The fully assembled Arti includes a large front window, terrace, & other luxurious features.

6-Person | Outdoor
The Garda is a compact, flexible sauna that arrives fully assembled to your home.

4-person | Outdoor
Relax & rejuvenate with the ultimate backyard wellness oasis – the Natura sauna cabin.
Natura Lounge

5-Person | Outdoor
The Natura Lounge is a fully assembled sauna that combines the beauty of nature with impeccable design.
Mira L

5-Person | Outdoor
The Mira L is a masterpiece of modern design, meticulous craftmanship, & precise engineering.
Mira S

2-Person | Outdoor
Enjoy an exquisite bathing experience steps away from your home with this compact sauna.