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Sauna wood has a direct impact on the longevity of your sauna and the quality of your bathing experience. We carry the very best, blemish-free wood for saunas. These woods provide years of natural beauty, strength, and durability.


Our 60,000 square-foot bathing distribution center is packed with hundreds of wood products from the industry's leading sauna manufacturers. These select sauna woods remain cool to the touch in extreme sauna heat.



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Our premium-quality wood lets you tailor your sauna to suit your vision. More than just Western Red Cedar, we offer a wide variety of unique textures, sizes, and types of wood. Select the wood that best suits your sauna needs by clicking the options below.


  Cedar   Aspen
  Thermo-Spruce   Thermo-Aspen
  Alder   Heat-Treated Alder
  Hemlock   Douglas Fir
  Black Wax Coated Alder   Thermo-Radiata Pine


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EmotionWood Panels

Add life to your sauna with custom-crafted wood panels from EmotionWood! These elegant, decorative panels cover the walls and ceilings of your sauna. In addition to saunas, EmotionWood is commonly used in kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and public spaces.



Sauna Room Interior

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Our team has helped thousands of homeowners, builders, and health club operators design and create awe-inspiring saunas over the last fifty years. Call (800) 707-2862 to learn how our sauna specialists can help with your next project!