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Bathology Atmospheric 410

Steam and Shower Ventilation Fan System, Bathology

Transform your steam, shower or wet environment with the benefits of ventilation, by Bathology!

The Atmospheric 410 Steam and Shower Ventilation Fan System is the builder's choice for controlling humidity and temperature in most any wet environment. At the touch of the waterproof button, this innovative in-shower ventilation system balances the ambient temperature in the bathing environment and then removes vapor, helping to dry out the shower for a worry-free bathing experience.

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Precision crafted and assembled from high-quality components, this cutting-edge Bathology ventilation fan system unites a switch, fan, damper, and grille for unmatched moisture control.

Fan Switch
Fan SwitchIntuitive, low-voltage, and flush-mounted, this in-shower, fan switch features a soft-touch keypad with on/off, incrementally adjustable speed controls, and indicator lights. The lowest speed setting will remove excessive ceiling heat or allow for ideal thick, rich steam shower fog while the highest setting will clear steam and vapor in seconds. The integrated 20-minute automatic shutoff feature will allow for convenient set-it and forget-it, shower-drying results.

Waterproof Wall or Roof Fan
Waterproof Exterior Wall or Roof FanEssential to any steam and shower ventilation system is an exterior-mounted, waterproof fan. Unlike typical bath fans that push moisture-laden air, Atmospheric 410 wall and roof fans draw the air completely outside the home. U.L. listed for wet location use, these durable and efficient fans provide for ideal whisper quiet operation.

Motorized Damper
Motorized DamperWhen keeping heat and moisture contained, only a motorized and tensioned damper with a waterproof pressure seal gasket will do. Once powered on, the Atmospheric 410 damper will open allowing heat and moisture to be drawn out of the environment. When turned off, or after 20 minutes, the damper securely closes and creates a seal to ensure no exchange occurs between in-home and outdoor air. The insulated duct work beyond the damper is left open to the outside air, allowing evaporation of any residual moisture.

Stainless Steel Grille
Stainless Steel GrilleBold and striking by design, the super quiet Atmospheric 410 boasts a grille befitting today's super shower. Concentrically fastened brushed stainless steel circles are separated by precise space for both ideal airflow and stylish design. Unlike traditional fan grilles, this element is impervious to moisture and heat.

Atmospheric 410 is an essential component of a luxury shower. Its in-shower keypad allows for convenient control of the bathing atmosphere while the motorized damper, insulated duct and exterior-mounted fan provide top-quality moisture evacuation. Nearly silent, this one of a kind wet environment fan system is sure to please the most discriminating bather.

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  • Whisper quiet performance
  • High CFM/Watt efficiency
  • Superior performance @ Higher Static
  • Stainless Steel decorative grille, 6" diameter
  • Motorized backdraft damper
  • Variable speed control
  • In-shower keypad
  • 20-Minute auto shutoff
  • Energy Star Rated
  • CSA Listed
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations


  • Exterior wall fan, 124 CFM (option)
  • Exterior roof/wall fan, 116 CFM (option)
  • Duct reducer collar, 5" to 4" diameter (with roof fan only)
  • Duct extension collar, 4" diameter (with wall fan only)
  • Motorized damper, 4"
  • Stainless Steel grille
  • Elbow, 90 degree, gasketed, 4"
  • Power supply, 120VAC
  • Fan switch, Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome trim
  • Switch cable with coupler, 25'
  • Flex duct, 4"x 25' (25' is maximum length)
  • RTV silicone sealant, .5 ounce tube
  • Mastic, 1/12gal cartridge
  • Two NEMA Male plug, 6'
  • Two Strain relief bushings
  • Three duct reducer/extension collar screws
  • Three damper screws
  • Two power supply mounting screws, 1"
  • Two mounting screw anchors
  • Four fan mounting screws, 1-1/2"
  • Four fan mounting screw anchors
  • Two duct ties, 18"
  • Two duct ties, 36"
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Installation manual
Product Options:
Exhaust Fan Style
Switch Trim Finish

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Model Atmospheric 410

Wall Fan (option)
  Type Exterior, Wall, 4" Duct Connection
  Duct Connection 4" Diameter
  Duct Extension Aluminum, 12" Length
  Dimensions 10-1/2"W x 13"H x 6"D
  Housing Composition Galvanized Steel, 20 Gauge
  Housing Finish Baked Powder-Coat Finish, White
  Air Volume 124 CFM
  AC Voltage 120VAC
  Power Consumption 19W
  Nominal Amperage 0.17A
  Lubrication Permanently Lubricated, Sealed Ball Bearings
  Protection Thermal Overload, Automatic Reset
  Speed Control 20-100%
  Airstream Tolerance 34°-140°F
  Weight 8 lbs.
  "Rough-in" Cut-Out 4-3/8" Diameter
  Testing CSA Listed, UL Listed, Energy Star Rated

Roof/Wall Fan (option)
  Type Exterior, Roof/Wall, 5" Duct Reducer Connection
  Duct Reducer Collar Galvanized Steel, 22 Gauge, 6" Length, 5" to 4" Diameter
  Duct Connection 4" Duct
  Dimensions 10-15/16" Diameter x 6"H
  Base Plate Dimensions 15-1/2"W x 15-1/2"L
  Housing Composition Galvanized Steel, 22 Gauge
  Housing Finish Baked Powder-Coat Finish, Gray
  Air Volume 116 CFM
  AC Voltage 120VAC
  Power Consumption 19W
  Nominal Amperage 0.18A
  Lubrication Permanently Lubricated, Sealed Ball Bearings
  Protection Thermal Overload, Automatic Reset
  Speed Control 20-100%
  Airstream Tolerance 34°-140°F
  Weight 11 lbs.
  "Rough-in" Cut-Out 5-3/8" Diameter
  Testing U.L. Listed; CSA Listed

  Type Motorized, Positive Close, Spring-Tensioned
  Dimensions 7-3/4"W x 10"L x 5"H
  Body Composition Galvanized Steel, 28 Gauge
  Blade Composition Galvanized Steel, 22 Gauge
  Seal Composition Vinyl Foam, Low Density 
  AC Voltage 120VAC
  Motor High Torque
  Endurance Test 100,000 cycles

  Type Decorative, 4" Duct Connection
  Dimensions 6" Diameter, 1-1/2" Profile
  Composition 304 Stainless Steel
  Finish #4 Sanitary
  "Rough-in" Cut-Out 4-1/4" Diameter

  Type 90°, Stamp/Stitch Welded, Flangeless, Dual-Gasketed
  Composition Galvanized Steel, 22 Gauge
  Gasketing EPDM Rubber, Dual - Wiper & Hollow
  Wiper Gasket ASTM D2000-86 M3BA 810 B13 C12 F17, Black
  Hollow Gasket ASTM D2000-86 M8BA 507 B13 C12, Green
  Gasket Operating Temperature -20°F to 140°F

  Type Insulated, Reinforced, Flex, Three-Ply
  Interior Dimensions 4” Diameter x 25’ Length
  Exterior Dimensions 6" Diameter x 25' Length
  Interior Ply Composition Dual Lamination Polyester with Encapsulated Wire Helix
  Middle Ply Composition Fiberglass
  Exterior Ply Composition Polyester, Tri-Directional Fiberglass Scrim Reinforced, Gray
  R-Value 4.2
  Operating Temperatures -20°F to 140°F
  Testing UL-181

Duct Tie
  Composition Nylon, Natural
  Operating Temperatures Max 185°F
  Tensile strength 175 lb.
  Testing UL 181-B-C Approved

  Type Duct Sealant, Water Based, UV Resistant
  Composition Liquid, Gray, 1/12-Gallon
  Use Indoor / Outdoor
  Testing UL 181B, USDA, FDA, EPA approved

Fan Switch
   Type Flush-Mounted, In-Shower
   Voltage 5VDC
   Diameter 2-1/32”
   Trim Depth 3/16”
   Trim Finish Brushed Nickel
   Body Diameter 1-17/32”
   Body Depth 1-5/16”
   Rough-in Cut-out 1-1/2” Diameter
   Time Circuit 20-Minute Off Delay
   Wall Material Thickness 2-1/2”

Power Supply
   Operating Voltage 120VAC
   Nominal Amperage 15 AMPS
   Length 7-7/8”
   Width 7-1/2”
   Height 3-1/4”
   Testing CSA, Type 2