Choosing the Best Sauna Heater

Sauna heaters are the heart of every sauna room and your choice will affect your bathing experience more than any other single decision. 


Size Matters!

First and foremost, choosing a sauna heater with the correct power rating for your sauna room is the highest priority. If the wattage is too low, the room will take longer to heat and may not reach the temperature that you desire. Too much power should be avoided as well. With a correctly sized sauna heater, the heating elements heat the sauna stones, which, in turn, radiate heat consistently throughout the room. With too much power, the elements can heat the room before the rocks reach the correct temperature, resulting in a harsher, inconsistent heat. To ensure the correct wattage for your sauna heater, measure the the interior dimensions of your sauna in cubic feet (length x width x height), and reference our Sauna Heater Sizing Tool.

Rock Capacity

Rock capacity has a big impact on the quality of your sauna experience. A larger rock mass will radiate heat more evenly and efficiently for a longer time and prevent fluctuations in temperature. Also, when the bather ladles water onto the rocks, a larger rock mass will be able accept more water without cooling the rocks and can produce more steam. A sauna heater of a given power rating with a larger rock capacity will generally perform better than the same wattage with a smaller rock capacity.

Build Quality

The best sauna heaters in the world are manufactured in the Nordic regions of Europe, where sauna bathing is a way of life and a daily health ritual. SteamSaunaBath offers sauna heaters from Estonia and Finland which have proven to have the highest build quality, reliabilty, serviceability, and Finnish and Estonian sauna heaters produce an authentic Nordic sauna experience. The best sauna heaters will use serviceable, stainless-steel internal components and are certified for safety. 

Every sauna heater model offered by SteamSaunaBath has been rigorously tested for performance, safety, and reliability.