Customer Testimonials

All businesses talk about customer service, but at SteamSaunaBath our sole purpose and commitment is to serve you, the bather, and to create truly transcending bathing experiences that go beyond your expectations. Our motto of Bathing Inspired Wellness is something that we live and believe, and we are honored to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Please take a moment to read these unedited comments from some of our valued customers.


Testimonial by Don F.


"Inquiry: I just want to say that you guys have the best customer service i have had in 40 years. Marc in customer service went way above anyone else would ever go. We brainstormed our ideas and with his insight we came up with a perfect solution. Marc went as far as to take a picture of the part and send it to me before placing the order to make sure it would work. He gave me specs for the part that no one else would. He took the time to find a part for a sauna that was made over 50 years ago and no longer available. Marc, you are the best in my book. once I new the part would work in my old sauna, i found the same part elsewhere for less, but because Marc was so helpful, it was only right to make the purchase from him. please whoever get this note, make sure it gets to the people who need to know Marc is a winner. again , Marc thank you . Don F. PS. Free shipping was fast and YES the part works as designed."


Testimonial by Matt C.


"I have been calling around for several days trying to find a timer control knob for my out of production Amerec sauna. No one was able or willing to spend the time to help find an alternative until I spoke with Kathy. She spent almost 20 minutes and eventually suggested we look at different manufacturers' and that's where we found a replacement that should work. She then suggested that a purchase of over $50 would provide free shipping. So I essentially got my fragrance for free. Thank you Kathy, great service!"


Testimonial by Richard W.


"I had the pleasure of working with Melanie Melendez. She was knowledgeable and helpful . She assisted me and helped me purchase the best steam package for my needs."


Testimonial by Judy D.


"I called actually yesterday and left a voicemail thinking; no one would call back. Wrong! You guys did call me back but the woman who called was amazing. Melanie, explained the differences in the products I was considering and explained more than I had even thought to ask about. Than she asked me about the size of enclosure and kind of tile, glass to be used and I let her know that I had already figured out the generator I'd need. Well, I was wrong again with the assessments that I received from my local plumbing dealer and actually needed a different one. She helped me figure out a way that I could actually get everything I wanted into my steam / shower room within the budget that I originally had hoped for. Until; I talked with her I was thinking there is no way for me to do this given my budget constraints. She was so relaxing to deal with as a sales person and I never felt any pressure to place the order on the phone, after I got the email or the second call as I had questions on the quote. I couldn't figure out why so many lights and again she was able to educate me on what's really needed and what will look aesthetically pleasing. She also never laughed at me when I tried to say chromotherapy - the mood light thing! At no point before speaking with her did I even think of placing an order with your company; but once we connected there was nowhere else I'd purchase my items. In fact, I actually ordered more things from your site than the steam set up but also the lights. I'm hoping due to her to order more from your company in the very near future; as I am just waiting to hear back if you can get a Maax 72'x42'x18 (or 20) heated whirlpool alcove tub or any other item that would be similar. She said she was going to find out and get back to me within 24 hours and I believe her. I was in sales for many years and it is rare to find a person like her working for a company these days. Therefore, I wanted to take the time out of my day to let her higher-ups know that she's worth bringing up within the company. Heck, if she was even looking; I'd even hire her - so that tells you how impressed I was with your customer support."


Testimonial by Alex H.


"Thank you very much Michelle for your help, you did a fantastic job! You were extremely courteous, helpful and efficient! Great job once again."


Testimonial by Kali B.


"Hello! I would love to recommend Kathy as a residential specialist for steam units. She was detailed and wanted to give the best steam unit possible for the money! Kathy was amazing at helping us find just the right steam unit at steam sauna and bath. The last unit i bought with them back in 2009 still works so well that i knew that this is what i wanted for my new house as well. Kathy helped us in finding just the right unit for our new home! Thanks for your help, Kathy!"


Testimonial by Cydney S.


"Kathy, Thank you for all your help. You worked with me and my plumber making this a very illuminating and pleasurable experience. Everything went so smoothly. Whenever I need anything from your company, I will ask for you. Thank you again,"


Testimonial by Dan G.


"yes, great service and timely response. thank you"


Testimonial by Jim L.


"Melanie was a pleasure to deal with today. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and helped explain the pros and cons of the various styles of steam generators they carry. There was a little confusion on the web-site on a particular product and instead of just glossing over it, she took the time to track down a technician to answer the question and promptly called me back. Every internet seller should have someone like Melanie, but very few do."


Testimonial by Debbie S.


"After searching everywhere for a replacement 60 minute timer for our electric sauna stove I found the Accurate Industries website. With a picture and accurate description of item 3140-01 I placed my order online. About an hour later I received a phone call from a representative named Kathy (Cathy) Ext.101. She informed me that electrical products cannot be returned (which I understand) and then searched for the brand name of the sauna stove for cross reference purposes. She really went the "extra mile." I explained that the stove was purchased in 1977 and that company may no longer exist. I reassured her that I believed this timer to be as close as it gets and to ship it. My timer arrived in a few days and it was an exact match. Thank you Accurate Industries for maintaining an impressive supply of products, and thank you (Ext. 101) for putting the "customer" back in Customer Service. I will look to Accurate Industries for business in the future."


Testimonial by Steve W.


"Worked with Kathy today on a new light for my steam room. Great service! Highly recommend!"


Testimonial by Jeff G.


"Kathy and her team provided excellent customer service. Products arrived promptly . I plan to utilize this team for further product purchases during my renovation. A pleasure to deal with."


Testimonial by Donna M. from Austin, Texas


"This company has Amazing Customer Service. Kathy in particular went above and beyond the call. Whatever question I had, she answered and even if she was a little unsure she went to her Technical team and got advice and came back to me via phone and email and responded with the correct answers. I would recommend Steamsaunabath and I give them and Kathy a A+++. Regarding shipping. Oh My Goodness Ordered Monday received on Wednesday. And did not pay a dime for shipping. You cant ask for anything better than that kind of service. And every item was packaged nicely and protected. Cant wait for my remodel to be finished and start enjoying my Steam Shower. Thank you, Donna from Austin, Texas."


Testimonial by Tom O.


"Thank you for helping me with my steam shower needs. Your can-do approach and positive attitude were a welcome experience. Keep up the good work!"


Testimonial by Jim W.


"Needed a new heater element for a towel warmer. Spoke with Kathy who was professional and helpful. Quite satisfied with the service."


Testimonial by Jeffrey C.


"I experienced a problem with the controls that operate my Roma Rm 30 steam sauna. I was recommended to Steam Sauna Bath Co. by the Roma Manufacturing Co. I was assisted by Melanie M. who was very courteous and helpful it took some time to find the right replacement control for my Steam Sauna. Melanie was very patient and worked to find the right parts based on the limit information that I was able to provide. I might add that my system is over 13 years old and finding the replacement parts took some work to locate the correct parts. I am very pleased with the service and the level of expertise that was provided. I will certainly be using Steam Sauna Bath for all my future sauna needs."


Testimonial by Carmelo D.


"I am very happy with the service and commitment from Steam sauna Bath Melanie M. Has been very helpful and knowledgeable with understanding and compassion for my needs."


Testimonial by Robert B.


"I recently ordered a steam shower door from steam sauna and bath. I ordered on line sending in my measurements. I received a call from customer service the next day. The rep explained that my measurements raised concerns. Identify in a drawing and was told that the resulting door would not look good. After discussing options I determined that I should fix my opening before I completed my order. The rep could have just sold me a door but she took the time to explain what would happen As soon as I get my end straight I will be resubmitting."


Testimonial by Denise M.


"Dear Kathy, Thank you for taking the time to personally see to it that my problems were addressed with the utmost care and attention. While I haven't received my replacement parts yet, I continue to enjoy the prompt solutions to any questions or problems I have had in a timely and efficient manner. Looking forward to continue satisfaction with my Steam Mist Sauna that we enjoy every day for the last 16 years!"


Testimonial by Courtney C.


"Dear SteamSaunaBath, Melanie M. did a great job of providing me with excellent, thorough and informed support while I selected the right steam unit for my home. It can be a confusing process, but Melanie was patient with me and offered many pieces of valuable advice to help inform my decision. I haven't received or used the new unit yet, but the unit I purchased from you 10 years ago is still used every day in my home, so I am a return customer. Dawn, who answered my call, was also very warm and accommodating. Congratulations on great customer service."


Testimonial by Shalini N.


"Hi Joe, thank you for all your patience in answering the questions I had for the steam shower we are building. It was very helpful."


Testimonial by Brian V.


"KathyW is a total rock star. I ordered a part online and she reached out not only to clarify the order, but to work with me to ensure I had everything I needed for the successful repair of a steam shower. All the while, she was energetic, positive and engaging. I should have known something was up, when I called her back, a human being answered the phone who was similarly friendly and immediately found Kathy. No voicemail? No computerized help desk? No frustrating bureaucracy? What is this, a great company? Looks like it."


Testimonial by Miriam R.


"Kathy and Michelle, I had to take the time to tell you how impressed my husband and I are with your company. You were so helpful to us DIYers and questioned that one of the items we were purchasing didn't synch with the other item. You were 100% correct and prevented us from making an expensive mistake. You then helped us choose the correct items. I could track the shipment and knew it was coming but then!, I got a call saying the item was at my front door!! Your customer service is outstanding. You are both so knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I will recommend you to everyone. I hope my husband is half as efficient getting the steam shower operational. Thank you again."


Testimonial by Billy G.


"I had to buy a control and Kathy made sure I got the correct unit for my steam generator. Took the time later to call me back and tell me I probably needed an auto drain, I did. The customer service was personable and helpful and I would do business with this company again."


Testimonial by George A.


"Great customer service skills and very helpful staff"


Testimonial by Steve V.


"We are gutting our master bath & upgrading our shower Toni vide a steamer. I have tried numerous local plumbing, electric & large retailers for assistance to no avail. Nobody answers their phone today, let alone knows what customer service is! As fate would have it, I googled & found Cathy on SteamSaunaBath. Hallelujah! Not only do they answer the phone, but you get someone knowledgeable to talk with but also accompany with 50+ years in steamer biz. Cathy not only found me the perfect led light I needed, but was able to process my order today. Thank you very much."


Testimonial by Joe P.


"SteamSaunaBath: I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your help with my purchase of a sauna heater. The personal attention was great. Best wishes for the New Year."


Testimonial by Mark V.


"Melanie M was great at helping me determine my options associated with a working vintage Mr. Steam unit with a broken controller with no parts available. She spent a lot of time with me, was very professional, polite and informative based on her knowledge and expertise with the product. Thanks Melanie for the great job!"


Testimonial by Jack S.


"Service was great extremely helpful. Can't wait to get my order !!"


Testimonial by William P


"Thank You for the courteous and very helpful input in selecting the proper steam generator for my home. You answered all my questions and did not try to sell me up to more than I needed. In fact, you were very watchful of my budget."


Testimonial by Jim L.


"Melanie did a great job today. I had to look no further, just gave her my credit card and lets order. Her positive attitude was a breath of fresh air for a shopper just looking to get the job done. Give that woman a raise!!"


Testimonial by John F.


"I had the pleasure of working with Melanie Melendez who spent over an hour working with me. I purchased all my equipment needed from your company. Thank you for great customer service!!"


Testimonial by Thomas P.


"From my first call to SteamSaunaBath everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. They truly made me feel that they welcomed my business. My Specialist Melanie M. answered all of my questions to help me select my lighting and followed up with a call when I placed my online steam unit order to make sure I sized the unit properly and that my order was complete. If everyone gets the treatment I received from the receptionist and Melanie I would not hesitate to recommend SSB to my friends."


Testimonial by JD S.


"This company , SteamSaunaBath, has customer service refined to actually help the customer! Surprise! The policies of this company are totally geared to getting it right... For me! I was impressed from the moment they contacted me to ensure my online product purchase would meet my needs. (Not their needs) Melanie M. was resourceful and did not oversell. She really wanted to assist and did help me get exactly what I needed. -JD Sobol, Just some random customer that ordered online!"


Testimonial by Michael S.


"I had a need for a replacement part for a clients Mr. Steam unit, Melanie was able to answer all questions and able to assist me in process payment fast and easy .what a great resource .thanks again."


Testimonial by Luke H.


"Melanie was very professional and a great representative of your company."


Testimonial by Sy L.


"I recently ordered a replacement part from website. It was a heating element I needed to replace the burnt-out one in my steam generator at home. In order to ensure I ordered the right part, Melanie, a specialist from, reached out to me by both phone and e-mail and asked me about the unit I ordered the part for. She made sure that I had the right part on order so that I can complete my repair job with exactly the needed replacement part. I definitely appreciated the efforts she made and I am writing to recommend this supplier for your steam bath hardware needs."


Testimonial by Chris F.


"Great customer service! I received a call from Melanie the day after I placed my order to ensure that the light I ordered will actually meet my steam room needs."


Testimonial by Patrick B.


"Our Mr. Steam project is now complete. Thank you for guiding me to just the right product consistent with my desires and needs. Your support troubleshooting the technical concerns of my plumber and providing the advise and equipment needed, was I believe way beyond the standard consumers come to expect or receive. It was all handled with a patient friendly attitude with constant follow up service. In summary, you are the best. Thank You!!"


Testimonial by Jerry G.


"Melanie did an outstanding job following up on my on-line order. She asked all the right questions to make sure I'll be happy with my purchase. She even double checked with tech support to ensure compatibility with my existing components. After working with her, I have a high degree of confidence that there will be no surprises during the install."


Testimonial by Lynda B.


"Thank you Melanie Melendez you made this purchase so easy, makes us feel secure that we have the proper generator for our steam shower. Now off to watch the process of turning our master bath in to a paradise. Sincerely, The Beckmans"


Testimonial by Alberto F.


"Melanie is a pleasure to deal with. She pushes quality sales but not in an obnoxious way and most of all she is knowledgeable, extremely polite and helpful! She is definitely my go-to person for home wellness/spa setup! The site products selection is unbeatable and the fast shipping availability, it is"


Testimonial by Chris W.


"We had a Steamist system in our old house and wanted to include it in our new house as well. I did some research and then worked with Melanie to get me exactly what we needed to create a system for our dream bathroom. She was fantastic at making sure we got the right size unit and at explaining all of the options...I only wish we had the budget to do some of the great add-ons. I know we will love the system and it was so easy to get exactly what we needed. Thanks for the FANTASTIC support...some of the best I have had during our latest renovation project...full steam ahead!"


Testimonial by Michelle L.


"Eugenia is great!! I had a very positive experience learning about steam shower products from Eugenia. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the products (much more so than the service reps at Mr. Steam). She was highly professional and responsive and I'm grateful to have connected with her. Thank you!"


Testimonial by Kim S.


"I ordered SteamSaunaBath steam shower doors online on a Sunday, with same day confirmation my order was received. A follow up email the next day (6/12) informed me how their ordering system works and that there may be a phone call if they have any questions or concerns. Melanie contacted me soon after about our order, and after I had additional questions, she placed the order on hold. Within the hour we both confirmed the new steam shower door I ordered would indeed fit our now discontinued Kohler modular steam shower door. Melanie was very friendly, professional and helpful throughout the whole process, from ordering to providing shipping information. Today, Wednesday 9/21, our order was just delivered in excellent shape and packaged well. Quality looks excellent too! Wish I would have known about SteamSaunaBath when I made my original shower door purchase years ago. I will definitely recommend them to others in the future!"


Testimonial by Dave R.


"My experience with Eugenia was one of the best customer service experiences I have had. She is knowledgeable empathetic and goes the extra mile. In 40 years I have spoken to thousands of reps, especially . when service gotten horrible with overseas call centers, it was a pleasure to speak to Eugenia! She is the best!"


Testimonial by Colette


"Dear Sirs - I would like to share that this is my first experience with your company, and I would like to compliment Mariola S on her Customer Service and follow through. My order was in association to a Master Bath Remodel, and there was some difficulty in getting confirmation of what was needed from Lowes, as my unit was fabricated in 1987. She followed up with them every day, and was in constant communication with me as to where we were. Additionally, when the order went out with the incorrect finish, she pulled it back, got it correct and finalized. Again, she kept me informed every step of the way. She was pleasant, kind and courteous when I spoke with her on the telephone. She has been one to the most pleasant people I have dealt with in my entire experience on this Bath remodel project. Congratulations on having a wonderful employee! Best Regards, Colette"


Testimonial by Joel F.


"Michelle is knowledgeable, thoughtful, helpful, patient and has a good sense of humor. My order is already on its way, and I couln't be happier with the process. Thanks, Michelle!"


Testimonial by Rob N.


"Though I live outside of the service area, Joe at SteamSaunaBath has been extremely helpful in answering all our questions and help us plan out our steam shower - better than any local assistance we have been able to obtain. I just wish SteamSaunaBath had a local office so we could take full advantage of their expertise!"


Testimonial by Alan O. from Park City, Utah


"I wanted to take a moment and provide you with some feedback concerning Joe. Working in the hospitality industry like I do involves repairing items that usually requires needing fixing yesterday. I had such a case with a failed heating element in a shower steam generator. I have a room in the hotel that sold for lots of money, 7 figure, and quickly approaching in 2 days was a unit inspection by a third party vendor. The steam shower needed to work in order to pass inspection. Using my best friend Google, I came across your web site and noticed it stated you had part availability which seems to be rare with this heating element as it was 208v. I called the number listed on the web site on Wednesday evening pretty much while your shop was closing. Joe answered the phone and this is where this awesome experience started. I explained to Joe what my circumstances were. Joe told me that the soonest he could get me the replacement part, after I asked for it to be overnighted, would be Friday at 10:30am due to it being late already on Wednesday. Unfortunately 10:30am would be right in the middle of the unit inspection but I understood it is what it is. In talking with Joe we both figured out that I have an established account with you. Joe said he would quickly send me a quote that I could open up a PO against which would help get the unit out and make Friday 10:30 am delivery. Joe got the quote to me ASAP and I responded with a PO#. I was all good with expecting delivery on Friday. Joe called me about 30 minutes later and proceeded to inform me that he was able to get the heating element ready for shipping and that a co-worker was going to drop it off at Fed-x on their way home. Joe said I can expect delivery on Thursday instead!!! Thursday came and about 10:00 am in the morning I had a package on my desk!!! I installed the heating element and the steam shower was good to go a day before inspection. Joe, I want to personally thank you for the extra efforts you provided me. You made me look like a hero and I could have not done it without you. If all my vendors would have the customer service attitude as Joe does I would get a lot done here at the hotel."


Testimonial by Andrew B.


"I have been working with Joe for about a month now on a home steam room. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me choose the right products for me. He very prompt in returning phone calls. Very helpful in answering question on instillation. I would recommend Steam sauna and bath to anyone. I would defiantly work with Joe in particular."


Testimonial by Al P. from Orlando, Florida


"Thank you steam sauna bath team. I received the parts fast and they were accurate. I will be purchasing more elements and controls very soon."


Testimonial by George F.


"I would like to pass along that Mariola was a big help w this order. I know it is a small order, but she went above and beyond the call of duty to get me all the info i needed to make a purchase decision... and was very pleasant to deal with. Cheers to her and thanks for the good service! Please make sure to thank her for me and to pass this along to management...too often all they hear are complaints and they need to know when staff does it right!"


Testimonial by Marty W.


"As a designer for over 40 years, I couldn't be more impressed with the customer service, and friendly advise in guiding my choices for a steam shower light for a client!!!! They were so knowledgeable about their products, and guided me toward the optimum product for it's use!!! Thank you SteamSaunaBath!!! I thought personal attention was a thing of the past!"


Testimonial by Suresh K.


"The SM-5 was installed two days ago by the installer you recommended. The installer did a great job, and the SM-5 works superbly. More importantly, I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with all the folks at your company. Everyone was so wonderful, and made me feel that all businesses would be better off if they were like you. Here's hoping the SM-5 will last a long time."


Testimonial by Paul D.


"I shop around for everything. As I don't know anything about steam generators, I called a few places and received routine treatment. I wasn't confident I was getting the best result. When I spoke with Tim, I felt confident that I knew what to buy. When I looked around online, however, there were better prices elsewhere. Because he had been so helpful, I called him and he price-matched. He promised delivery on a certain date and when I got an email saying it would be delayed, I emailed back that this caused a big problem for me and they expedited it so I received it before I had originally expected. Everyone was friendly, courteous, helpful and honest. It was a pleasure to deal with them."


Testimonial by Daniel S.


"I wanted to pass on a compliment. I run a small education business and pride myself on how well my students are treated. I place great value on companies that share this ethos, as yours obviously does. First, your receptionist. I was told her name was Franny. She was exceptionally pleasant and conscientious. Having been put on eternal holds with other companies, after but a moment on hold, Franny came back to check. In the few short moments of my conversation with her, Franny's competence and kindness came through. She is a real asset. Then, I spoke with Michelle, who was equally impressive. In no small part due to Franny and Michelle, I ordered a Steamist SM 9 unit from your company. I look forward to receipt of the unit. If the remainder of my interactions with your company are as nice and well handled as this start, you are a wonderful company indeed. Thank you."


Testimonial by Dragonfly Races


"Like many people on this page, I was hesitant to buy a big ticket item from an unknown online seller. So I called the 800 number to ask a question. My call was transferred from a very pleasant receptionist to Eugenia. She could not answer my question but told me she would get back to me. "Yeah right" I thought; but a little while later my phone rang and it was Eugenia with answer, she actually called the distributor! I was so impressed with the followup, I ordered the stove and surround right away. The products were drop shipped from the distributor. When we unpacked it we found some shipping damage. Eugenia teamed up with her colleague Melanie and the two set in place a process to have the old part picked up and a new part shipped. The process was more complex and difficult that Eugenia and I had anticipated (due mostly to my mistakes), but the replacement part arrived and it was perfect. The process could not have been much for Eugenia, but despite multiple emails and phone calls, she never gave any hint of exasperation or frustration. Plus, the follow-up that had impressed me so much in the beginning, remained consistent throughout. So here's the deal, the sauna industry appears to be populated with very relaxed people; which is cool. So if you can wait four weeks for a part, and still not get it for another two, great. But if you need things done quickly and right, buy it from these guys. Ask for Eugenia."


Testimonial by Chris E.


"Great costumer service, very professional, Joe handle an issue with my order very fast and prompt , definitely will use them again!!!"


Testimonial by Bob B.


"I just purchased my steam unit and accessories at SteamSaunaBath. It was one of the best online purchase experiences I've had. Tim, the sales and service manager, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a steam shower to their home."


Testimonial by Laurie S.


"I spent 3 days trying to find a part for my steam bath that had been discontinued. Tim Zilis not only found the part for me but put me in touch with the manufacturer to make sure the product was a perfect match. Super friendly service that I could not find elsewhere. Thank you Tim and SteamSaunaBath!!"


Testimonial by Barry S.


"I recently purchased an Amerec home sauna unit to replace the Amerec originally installed in my home sauna in 1998. Initially I was , based upon prior internet experience, tepid to purchasing over the internet, however their price was so good, so, I moved forward. In doing received such courteous competent assistance in all aspects of the transaction experience from Mariola S. of who I want to Thank and to commend to her supervisors."


Testimonial by Nan D.


"Very helpful in sizing steam unit. Product received quickly and packed very well. Plumber was pleased! Looking forward to using the steamer."


Testimonial by Paul D.


"I shop around for everything. As I don't know anything about steam generators, I called a few places and received routine treatment. I wasn't confident I was getting the best result. When I spoke with Tim, I felt confident that I knew what to buy. When I looked around online, however, there were better prices elsewhere. Because he had been so helpful, I called him and he price-matched. He promised delivery on a certain date and when I got an email saying it would be delayed, I emailed back that this caused a big problem for me and they expedited it so I received it before I had originally expected. Everyone was friendly, courteous, helpful and honest. It was a pleasure to deal with them."


Testimonial by Tasos K


"I am an architect practicing in NY, CT, NJ, FL, MD., and I ordered two steam generator units for my own new house in CT. Every single person I spoke with at SteamSaunaBath was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. When a minor issue needed to be addressed, Michelle called back within hours and took personal interest in resolving the issue to my satisfaction as quickly as possible. Well done!"


Testimonial by Rudy J


"These guys are great! I had no idea when I called them but wanted a steam shower. They assisted me and provided all the details. They were the best priced and just finished the install and love it!!!! They provided REAL advice not BS or wasted my time... Will recommend and wont hesitate to purchase again if needed."


Testimonial by John V


"All I can say is "WOW" and I thought I was detail oriented. I ordered a steam unit from these guys several years ago and absolutely love it by the way, and needed an acrylic shield to replace my old one which protects the shower stall from the steam outlet. I received a call from Tim to discuss further details on my order and through his diligence and changes in part descriptions and dimensions we came up with the proper replacement part. Tim wanted be sure I was getting the proper part, how often do you get a call from a company you order a part from who calls to be certain you're getting the right part? Now that's customer service, WOW! Thanks Tim"


Testimonial by Nova C


"I needed a fan and light for a steam shower. After I did my online order a very wonderful employee, Nikki, called just to make sure I ordered the right thing. She spoke with my architect to confirm details and ended up changing the order accordingly. When I had to exchange a light fixture for one that would work better with my shower it was no issue at all. Always happy, helpful and very responsive. A GREAT experience!"


Testimonial by Todd S.


"I reluctantly ordered from Steam Sauna Bath as I don't like to order big ticket items like this from Online Retailers in case there are issues, like there were in my case. I was building a very complex application and a lot of variables and factors were involved. I ordered the unit and it was the wrong unit for the size and location. I was concerned and thought there would be horrible issues, but Tim the sales manager along with Joe, my sales guy helped me out tremendously and did a hassle free easy exchange. I was very pleased with their resolution and would recommend them highly, I don't ever recommend anyone or fill these things out as it normally comes back to bite me, but in this case as they went above and beyond being helpful and fair I felt it only the right thing to do. If you are thinking of purchasing equipment, they are definitely the place you want to buy it from as their prices are one of the best, but their commitment to customer service and making me happy I have never seen from any company I have dealt with. I would buy again and tell everyone who asks where I bought my equipment from where and who to talk to. Great job Joe and Tim!"


Testimonial by Mikla D.


"I am remodeling our Master Bath, including a luxury steam shower. I was searching for lighting and found the Bathology Spectrum 550 lights at SteamSaunaBath. I worked with Nikki who was extremely helpful in determining how many lights I would need and providing information about how the mount and operate. I went ahead and ordered them and they shipped immediately. I have rough installed them and could not be more pleased with the results. In fact, I have ordered two more lights for the system. If you are looking for products or advice for your Steam, Sauna or Bath then look no further than SteamSaunaBath"


Testimonial by Scott H.


"Jim and Tim did a fantastic job helping me trouble shoot my sauna heater issues. It was a cold day in Denver and turned a depressing day into a fantastic one!"


Testimonial by Tony H.


"I purchased a steam unit for my home project and found Nikki to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. AND they were the lowest price place to order the equipment. Thanks"


Testimonial by David C.


"I decided to remove a garden tub from our master bathroom and replace with a steam/shower. I searched the internet and found SteamSaunaBath that met my all of my needs from the design and ordering the proper equipment to successfully complete the job. Sales and support were very helpful in recommending the proper equipment for our job. We are now enjoying our new steam/shower."


Testimonial by Jim O.


"I want to offer my Feedback on my recent experience with Steam Sauna Bath, involving a part (60 min. Timer) I needed for a Sauna that was out of commission because of this part. My customer was shut down due to the lack of a Sauna Bath that is a critical part their operation. They relied on me to fix this issue, and resume normal operation. After reviewing the problem, I turned to the Inter-net in an effort to obtain the defective Timer. Only after search, after search, after search, I found "Steam Sauna Bath" web site. I communicated with Alyssa Pathak and Kayla F. . . It is only through their efforts and to reassure me that I was going to get exactly what I needed to solve my and my customer's problem. My experience, doing business with Steam Sauna Bath can only be expressed one way, exceeded my expectations!! I rate Steam Sauna Bath as A++"


Testimonial by John B.


"Outstanding professionalism, patience and understanding the issues. Kayla was a great representative for SSB during our conversations. Thanks again for the talented manner in which our particular issues were resolved; and thanks also for taking the extra steps to help us work through the process. Great customer service is not a lost art @ SSB. Thanks again for an enjoyable experience."


Testimonial by Monroe B.


"Normally, I do not take the time to write reviews, but in this case I will make an exception. The staff at Steam Sauna Bath went above and beyond (especially Kayla) to meet my needs. These are good folks to deal with!"


Testimonial by Paul


"Right from the get go, working with the staff from Steam Sauna Bath was a positive experience. No matter how many questions we had, the staff (Lynda and Nathan) were fully supportive, knowledgeable and helped us all the way. After purchasing four steam units with aroma-therapy, we found an item had been broken during shipping. The Steam Sauna Bath people quickly took care of the part for us allowing us to install all units without any further down time needed. I look forward to continuing business with I recommend their services to anyone looking for quality products, great technical advice and superior customer service."


Testimonial by Mike D.


"I purchased a Mr. Steam "steam generator" about 16 years ago. The auto flush stopped working. Nathan at steamsaunabath emailed me diagrams to convert the new auto flush to my older unit before he made a sale. The older auto flush is no longer available. The company I bought the steam from did not even return my phone calls. Nathan went above and beyond to help me. His professionalism is very rare in today's world and much appreciated. SSB has a customer for life--thank you Nathan. Mike in Atlanta."


Testimonial by Greg D.


"What a great 1st time experience! We are in our 66th year as a Kitchen & Bath remodeling contractor serving the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. I have to say SSB has risen to every challenge we had, we are doing a rather large residential steam shower job with aroma therapy and music systems and they didn't flinch. These folks had nearly every answer and when they didn't they didn't blow smoke: they found them and got back to me, the product lines we used from them for the steam generator, the sound, the water treatment, aroma therapy are all top quality name brands, prices were competitive, shipping prompt. Did I mention the people I dealt primarily with Michelle S. and what an impressive women she is, She knows the product lines and the specs and knows what she is talking about. Great company, great people, we will most certainly do business again."


Testimonial by Randy C.


"When it was time to build my dream steam shower I did lots of research on what I thought I needed and how to best fit the right generator into the size of shower I had to work with. I started looking into these three years before I finally got the project done. I kept coming back to SteamSaunaBath as "the" go to place for all the answers to my questions and needs. When it came time to finally make the purchase they made sure I had everything I needed to do the job right. Thanks, Kayla!! Now that the project is done I could not be more pleased with the performance and appearances of the Bathology products. It looks like it was done by a professional in how it all works together. I could have piece-mealed the elements together from various sources, but I'm so glad I did not. I love the rain shower and experiential shower heads when I shower, but more importantly when my body says it is time for steam, I'm only a few steps and minutes away from making it happen."


Testimonial by Matt S.


"Just bought my second steam shower system and was especially impressed with how helpful the sales consultant was with some issues that came up with the unit I chose. I would highly recommend this company."


Testimonial by David F.


"Just ordered a steam generator from Kayla. I always enjoy enthusiasm and a positive demeanor and that is what I experienced with Kayla. She was willing to work with me on the details of what was required to meet my requirements as well as the final price. Again, a friendly, enthusiastic, positive experience that I will tell others about"


Testimonial by Ricky G.


"Great Experience. I needed a thermostat for a steam room. SteamSaunaBath got it out to me really fast and kept me informed all the way. Great service and Nikki was amazing. No need to go anywhere else!"


Testimonial by Mark P.


"I just completed construction of a Sauna and a Steam/Shower in our master bathroom. We had limited space and the design team at SSB maximized the space. I have created many showers in the past, and had specific Grohe products I wanted to use, but I had never built a Sauna and a Steam/shower. They accommodated all my requests and suggested improvements that I had not thought about. The two rooms take up one wall of the master bath. The bathroom side is all glass glass and the sauna & steam/shower are separated by a glass partition. It is a beautiful enhancement to the bathroom. My wife even loves it. My sales representative during this project was Kayla. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and product knowledge was above question. I believe I talked with her daily during the development and construction process. Never did she tire of my questions. My carpenter and plumber called with specific questions and she was always available. I did have to return/exchange some products and I found their policies a bit cumbersome. A $15k plus order with them and I had difficulty exchanging a $100 transformer. Aside from this service was outstanding. My carpenter could not believe how the wood of the sauna fit together. He did not need to trim one piece of wood, it went together like a perfect puzzle. We have removed portions of the wood twice to fine tune the Saunatonttu heater and it was easy to do. The Saunatonttu sauna heater did not get the room to as high a temperature as I wanted. They put me in contact with an engineer at Saunatonttu and the issues were quickly resolved. The room now heats to 180 degree in minutes. Without hesitation I would recommend SSB to anyone considering either or both features in their home. Trust their recommendations, they know what they are doing."


Testimonial by Robert L.


"Ordered new PC board from SteamSaunaBath. All contacts with personnel there were very pleasant and refreshing. My order was promptly filled and shipped free and was delivered in two days. Highly recommend SteamSaunaBath!"


Testimonial by Tara C.


"FAST SHIPPING, GREAT, CUSTOMER FRIENDLY AND FAST SERVICE!!! I will purchase steam boiler parts from Steam, Sauna and Bath again- Great Job!!!!"


Testimonial by Terry T.


"Outstanding equipment, outstanding customer service, outstanding company. I cannot say enough good things about SteamSaunaBath and, in particular, Michelle. If you need steam bath equipment or just information this is definitely who you should be talking to!"


Testimonial by Mark P.


"We build a sauna and a steam shower with SteamSauna Bath. It is difficult to take a picture to the steam shower which is located adjacent to the sauna. The design team at SteamSaunaBath master both units in a tight space. We are very pleased with the results and both are an enhancement to the master bath. As with all major projects this one had it challenges. Everyone at SteamSaunaBath from Alyssa that answers the phone to Kayla that managed the project were knowledgeable and professional. They were always available to talk to our contractors to answer any questions during construction. They recommended the Saunatonttu heater and are pleased with the decision. It heats the room to 180 degrees in minutes, even with our glass front wall. During the first weeks of use we had operational questions and have received the same professional service. They have not abandoned us as many companies do after the sale. We highly recommend their services."


Testimonial by Thamas P.


"I am a residential general contractor who has now bought and installed two steam shower systems from SteamSaunaBath. My experience with Michelle, my salesperson, and with the company couldn't have been better. There were a lot of moving parts and technical choices to be made. I was guided through them patiently with a deep level of expertise. Last, but not least, the equipment came promptly FedEx"


Testimonial by Earl W.


"You guys are nothing short of fantastic! We discovered last week when returning home after being away, that someone had activated our steam unit, not knowing that the water to the house was turned off. Result, one burned up element in the sealed tank of the unit. That's the bad news. The good news is that I had the extreme pleasure of talking with Michelle Scofield when I called SteamMist. She is a real treasure indeed. She directed me to call Matthew in Tech Service to confirm the problem with the unit, and develop a plan of action. Wow, does Matthew know his stuff! He was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient. In very short order, he confirmed what I needed, gave me a part number, and instructed me to call Michelle back for a price, which I did immediately. I was told the tank could take up to a couple of weeks to arrive. Two DAYS after I ordered it, I received an e-mail that it had already shipped! It arrived a few days later, so I changed out the defective tank the following day. BEFORE I actually put the 220 volts to it, I called Matthew back to confirm I had done everything correctly. Again, he was most helpful and patient walking me through the installation. He stayed on the line until the unit created steam and shut off. From beginning to end, my dealings with both Michelle and Matthew created a wonderful experience out of what started out as an unfortunate situation. SteamMist is truly blessed to have these two professionals representing your firm!"


Testimonial by Alan M.


"I dealt with Nikki and my experience couldn't have been better. She was knowledgeable, helpful and not high pressure. Also there price were the best I could find. Use them and you won't be disappointed."


Testimonial by Jeffrey S.


"I placed my order with SteamSaunaBath on line, which was easy to do. I received a phone message from them immediately the next day to call them back about my order. When returning the call I was impressed by the receptionist as to her pleasantness on the phone. She transferred me to Nikki who was just wanting to make sure that the part would fit on the pipe size for our steam shower. Generally most places would just send the part and you would have to contend with it whether it fit or not. Nikki was also so very pleasant. It's been a long time since I've dealt with such a class act company. They are hard to come by these days! Thank you for your good service."


Testimonial by Jay B.


"I really thought this would be a rather cut and dry buying experience. I was completely wrong, as I ran into a few unforeseen problems when I started to install the steamhead and the generator. I must say that Nikki was the most pleasant and accommodating person you'll ever have the pleasure of dealing with. She stayed with me, solving my somewhat unique installation issues one by one. Price was very good, delivery swift and great post-sale support, buttressed by an additional warranty from Steam-sauna-bath - how could you go wrong?"


Testimonial by Jacquelyn H.


"Worked with Joe O'Boyle on ordering parts for our customers. He was great from start to finish. Thank You for your wonderful service."


Testimonial by Asl S.


"I love the steam bath and the quality of the product. Michelle was helpful with the installation, etc. I highly recommend it to all of you. Thanks"


Testimonial by Adrianna M.


"Great customer service. Great product. Very happy results."


Testimonial by Dr. Mark G.


"Special thanks to Joe- the technical bathing specialist He is very knowledgeable, very professional with a personal touch. He was able to resolve for me a situation with my steam room where other companies could not. Thank you, Joe!"