Essential Aroma Oils & Their Associated Health Benefits

March 23, 2022

Essential oils provide a delightful scent and an added dimension of experiential bathing pleasure. Each scent has its own distinct benefits and healthful properties. With so many fragrances to choose from, selecting one can be quite daunting. Here is our guide to help you find the best essential oils for your bathing environment.




Eucalyptus - The origins of Eucalyptus trace back hundreds of years to Eucalyptus trees in Australia. Eucalyptus has since gained global recognition and become one of the most popular essential oil fragrances.


Bracing Eucalyptus oil stimulates the senses and promotes a clear mind. This scent is believed to purify, cleanse, and boost your immune system. Eucalyptus is also used to soothe tensions and enhance relaxation.



Lavender - The calming scent of lavender helps soothe the nervous system, reduce anxiety, ease headaches, and promote better sleep. Studies have demonstrated that lavender possesses a variety of therapeutic and curative properties.


Just as lavender can help calm your mind, it also does wonders for relaxing the body. Lavender oil is often used to soothe aches and pains and nourish your skin. It can also help combat asthma, colds, flu, and coughs.



Spruce - Spruce essential oils have been used for centuries to cleanse and purify the mind and body. Its fresh, earthy scent has a grounding effect and is cherished for its ability to provide clarity and focus.


This powerful aroma is renowned for providing respiratory relief and boosting the immune system. Spruce can also be a natural remedy for relieving muscle and joint pain. Spruce is an excellent option to pair with lavender and other essential oils.



Spearmint - The refreshing scent of Spearmint has an instant impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. This essential oil has been used therapeutically by various cultures around the world for over 500 years to energize and stimulate the brain.


Spearmint is often used to uplift your mood and to achieve a better sense of focus. This fragrance is an excellent natural remedy for physical ailments such as joint pain and nausea. It is a powerful antiseptic tool that helps heal wounds and promote a healthier, glowing skin.



Bergamot - Bergamot is a citrus fruit that is grown in southern Italy. The essential oil derived from the skin of this fruit is used for its beautiful fragrance, with hints of lavender, lemon, and spice.


This powerful aroma helps reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tensions, and enhance mental alertness. Several studies have shown that a few drops of Bergamot can help keep your skin moisturized and firm.



Ylang Ylang - Extremely popular throughout Asia and the South Pacific, Ylang Ylang is commonly referred to as to as the “flower of flowers” or the “perfume tree.” This pleasant, mood-enhancing aroma helps uplift the mind and ease anxiety – almost immediately.


Ylang Ylang’s rich, flowery scent is renowned for its soothing and stimulating properties. It is often used to boost feelings of euphoria and to promote a positive atmosphere. Ylang Ylang also has an incredible soothing effect on the skin and is used to promote glow.



Rose Bulgarian - Extracted from rose petals, Rose Bulgarian is rich, sweet, and floral. This distinct aroma is used therapeutically to enhance creativity and to inspire the appreciation of harmony.


Nicknamed “liquid gold”, Rose Bulgarian is one of world’s most coveted essential oils. This powerful fragrance is used to promote feelings of tranquility and to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It also helps promote a beautiful, glowing skin.

Adding aroma to your shower, steam shower, or sauna helps transform each experiential bathing session into its own luxurious sensory vacation.


While these aromas are incredible individually, we also recommend combining multiple fragrances to further personalize your bathing experience. For help finding essential oils, call: (800) 707-2862.