Chromotherapy Lighting

Chromotherapy Lights

Chromotherapy lighting, also known as color light therapy, will add beauty and value to your steam shower or sauna while measurably enhancing your bathing pleasure. Research continues to support the therapeutic benefits of chromotherapy, and homeowners and commercial wellness facilities use chromotherapy lights as an important sensory enhancement to their bathing spaces. Colored lighting allows bathers to tailor the mood and ambiance of their steam shower or sauna to create a more pleasurable and relaxing experience.

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Benefits of Chromotherapy Colored Lighting

For centuries, color lighting has been enjoyed by bathers for its positive effect on physical and emotional wellbeing. The combination of different colored lights helps alleviate stress, achieve better focus, and rejuvenate the mind and body. Each color has been associated with its own unique feeling and emotion.

Red is used for stimulation of the mind and body and is believed to increase pulse and blood circulation.
Orange promotes energy and warmth. Orange is used to stimulate the body and to relieve muscle cramps and breathing ailments.
Yellow is associated with energy and cheerfulness. Yellow is used to strengthen the mind and nerves and to promote a strong sense of well-being.
Green is associated with healing and tranquility. Green is used to soothe and restore the mind and body.
Blue is used to promote relaxation and calmness. Blue is believed to reduce blood pressure and to calm breathing and heart rate.
Violet is believed to provide a sense of purity and deep relaxation. Violet helps relieve muscles and calm the nervous system.
Sauna Chromotherapy


During your sauna session, chromotherapy LED lighting systems allow you to illuminate the room with spectacular hues. A mix of colored lights, white lights, and incandescent lighting can be used to accentuate the details, shapes, and architectural beauty of your sauna room interior. Dynamic wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted light fixtures are easy to install and help create the desired ambiance of the sauna.

Steam Shower Chromotherapy

Steam Showers

Chromotherapy lighting within a steam shower can be used to create visually striking contrasts and illuminate the steam vapor with vivid color. From soothing purple and blue to invigorating yellow and pink, chromo lighting will enhance the appearance of any steam shower and result in a more satisfying and therapeutic bathing experience.


History of Colored Light Therapy

The use of color as a mood-altering effect in bathing dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Mesoamericans. Chromotherapy played a central role in everyday wellness and medicine practices in each of these communities. Both the Egyptians and Greeks used colored minerals, gemstones, crystals, and other naturally colored resources as remedies for ailments. They painted healing sanctuaries in different shades of color and directed sunlight through colored crystals.


In 1810, German scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s book Colour Theory delved into the psychological effects associated with each color. Decades later, American scientists Seth Pancoast and Edwin D. Babbitt continued Goethe’s research into the benefits of color theory. Today, studies of the health benefits of chromotherapy continue to be conducted worldwide.