Finsauna Electric Sauna Heaters

Finsauna heaters combine authentic Finnish sauna design with the latest technology to create waves of radiant, penetrating heat. These stainless-steel sauna heaters are used to power home and commercial saunas of all sizes across the globe.


Finsauna’s team has decades of combined experience designing and creating innovative sauna products. Their heaters are proudly made in Finland, the home of sauna, to ensure years of worry-free bathing enjoyment.

All Finsauna sauna stoves have:

  • Durable stainless-steel materials
  • Industrial-strength heating elements
  • Direct contact between rocks & heating elements
  • Made in Finland
  • Open air-flow design
  • Triple-wall construction
  • Meet UL & ETL safety standards

FinSauna sauna heating units are used to power saunas with dimensions up to 1,000 cubic feet. Click the links below to learn more about Finsauna products.




HomeHeat Series with Built-in Control Panel

 • H300 - 3kW, 240V/1PH
 • H450 - 4.5kW, 240V/1PH
 • H600 - 6kW, 240V/1PH
 • H800 - 8kW, 240V/1PH


HomeHeat heaters are used to power saunas up to 425 cubic feet.




ProHeat Series with Digital Wi-Fi Control

 • PH300 - 3kW, 240V/1PH
 • PH450 - 4.5kW, 240V/1PH
 • PH600 - 6kW, 240V/1PH
 • PH800 - 8kW, 240V/1PH
 • PH600-3 - 6kW, 208V/3PH
 • PH800-3 - 8kW, 208V/3PH


ProHeat heaters are used to power saunas up to 425 cubic feet.




ClubHeat Series with Digital Wi-Fi Control

 • CH1000 - 10kW, 240V/1PH
 • CH1250 - 12.5kW, 240V/1PH
 • CH1500 - 15kW, 240V/1PH
 • CH1000-3 - 10kW, 240V/1PH
 • CH1250-3 - 12.5kW, 208V/3PH
 • CH1500-3 - 15kW, 208V/3PH


ClubHeat heaters are used to power saunas up to 1,000 cubic feet.


Finsauna Electric Home Sauna Heaters

About Finsauna

Finsauna heaters are the product of years of rigorous testing and an unwavering dedication to creating the highest-quality sauna experiences. Their team comprises technical experts, experienced craftsmen, and engineers with a shared passion for sauna bathing.


We carry the complete line of Finsauna sauna stoves and digital Wi-Fi controls in our 60,000 square-foot master-stocking bathing distribution center. To learn how Finsauna products can be used for your next sauna project, call: (800) 707-2862. Our technical experts are happy to help!


For more information about Finsauna, visit their website: