Hammam Turkish Bath – The Ultimate Wellness Ritual

April 14, 2022

A Hammam is a Turkish bath house, usually with separate baths for men and woman. This middle eastern version of a steam shower is much more than just a place to bathe. It is a sacred wellness ritual for visitors to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit with heat.

Benefits of Hammam Bathing

With roots dating back to the ancient Roman empire, the Hammam is one of the world’s oldest bathing traditions. Translated as “to heat” in Arabic, the Hammam is a holistic wellness experience dedicated to elevated wellness. The entire experience is meant to eliminate daily stresses with steam and heat and leave you with the relaxation that you deserve.

5 Incredible Benefits of Hammam at a Glance

1) Reduces Stress & Muscle Tension
2) Detoxes Your Mind Body
3) Relaxes all the Senses
4) Improves Blood Circulation
5) Nourishes the Skin

Steps of Hammam Bathing

Hammams will often contain a series of rooms with dry and wet heat, steam, showers, salts, and aromas. The first step of your Hammam journey starts with visiting a dry, hot room. This gives your body a chance to acclimate to the heat, relax, and start to sweat. This first step also typically involves admiring the beautiful architecture associated with a Turkish bath.


The next step of the Hammam experience involves being visited by a massage attendant. In most cases, you will be asked to lay down on a marble stone structure to start the massage treatment. You will then be rubbed with a traditional kese (a type of hand mitt) to remove all layers of dead skin.


After you’re finished with the initial scrubbing, you will receive a foam-filled massage which involves washing your body with soap, and shampooing/rinsing your hair. This step also usually includes being rinsed with cold water. The entire massage process on average takes between 20-45 minutes.


Following your body massage, you will be invited to a cooling, relaxation rooms. In these common areas, you’ll have the opportunity to recharge, cool down, and converse with fellow bathers.

Hammam Bathing Around the World

Hammams have been a staple of life in Turkey and Morocco for hundreds of years. This tradition has also gained significant international popularity in recent years. Hammam spas can now be found in major cities across all countries and continents.


Depending on which Hammam you visit, your experience may vary. Many Hammam spas offer a variety of lavish treatments to further enhance your experience with sensory enhancements such as essential aroma oils and additional massages.


One thing is certain in any Hammam – by the end of your journey, you’ll feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to take on that day’s challenges!