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SteamSaunaBath has been in the sauna industry for a half-century. We specialize at building state-of-the-art sauna rooms for homeowners and club or spa facility managers across the nation. We offer a large catalog of indoor prefab modular sauna kits, pre-cut sauna kits, and infrared sauna kits for bathers that are interested in developing a sauna room. These modular and pre-cut sauna room kits come with the necessary components to build an awe-inspiring sauna room for your home or commercial club or spa facility. Our indoor panel-built modular sauna kits and pre-cut sauna kits are popular with bathers because they take away the hassle that comes with building a sauna room.


Although freestanding modular kits and pre-cut kits are highly customizable, they do not always fit the needs of every homeowner, tradesperson, or facility manager. If a sauna kit does not fit the needs of a particular project, SteamSaunaBath can help bathers or commercial facility managers build full-blown custom sauna rooms for homes, health clubs, hotels, sporting arenas, and other commercial sites. Our catalog is filled with sauna room heaters, stoves, parts, accessories, and every other component needed to build a tailor-made sauna room.


Modular Freestanding Panel-Built Sauna Room Kits

We offer homeowners and commercial club or spa facility managers with panel-built modular home sauna kits that include all the necessary materials to build a top-notch sauna room. The only items pre-built home sauna room kits do not include are sauna heaters and controls. These items can be purchased separately before or after the purchase of a freestanding modular sauna room kit. We offer premium sauna heaters and controls from only the best manufacturers in the sauna bathing industry.


Modular freestanding prefab sauna room kits ship with pre-assembled and insulated wall and ceiling panels, interior trimming, benches, a backrest, a solidly constructed pre-hung door, and duckboard flooring made from Western Red Cedarwood. Our pre-built freestanding modular sauna room kits also include a heater guard rail that helps keep sauna bathers away from the sauna heater during operation. The materials included in a prefabricated modular home sauna kit vary depending on manufacturer. Each panel-built sauna kit comes with a set of intuitive installation and operation manuals (IOM) that walks bathers through the step-by-step setup process of their modular sauna room environment.


Pre-Cut Steam Sauna Kits

SteamSaunaBath offers residential and commercial pre-cut home sauna kits for bathers that are looking to build a full-scale custom sauna room. Our pre-cut kits can be used to build a sauna environment in nearly any type of space. After receiving a pre-cut kit, homeowners or facility managers simply need to frame, insulate, and install each component in the proposed bathing space. Sauna heaters and controls are not included in pre-cut sauna room sauna kits and will need to be purchased separately. Bathers and commercial club or spa facility managers should use the Sauna Heater Sizing Tool and choose a sauna heater that works well with their pre-cut sauna environment.


Pre-cut sauna kits come with the finest Western Red Cedar custom-cut tongue and groove wall and ceiling panels, interior trimming, benches, a backrest, a guard rail, exhaust cedar wood grills, a solidly constructed pre-hung glass door, heat resistant vapor barriers, a wall or ceiling mounted light fixture, and other materials necessary to develop a breathtaking sauna room. The materials in the pre-cut sauna kits vary depending on manufacturer. Each pre-cut sauna kit comes with a set of installation and operation manuals (IOM) that helps bathers through the sauna setup process.


Near-Infrared Prefab Sauna Room Kits

A lot of bathers prefer infrared saunas when compared to traditional saunas. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the body through conduction and convection of warm air, infrared sauna rooms radiate soothing waves of heat directly to the body. These radiated infrared waves of heat produced in infrared saunas can travel deeper into the body than heat produced in regular saunas. Since infrared waves are able to travel deep beneath the skin, infrared sauna rooms typically operate at lower temperatures when compared to regular sauna rooms. Since infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures, they prove to be popular with sauna bathers that are sensitive to heat. SteamSaunaBath offers panel-built infrared sauna room kits for homeowners and commercial club and spa facilities.


Equipment, Parts, and Accessories for Custom Sauna Rooms

SteamSaunaBath offers all of the necessary equipment, parts, and accessories needed to build a custom sauna environment. If a panel-built modular sauna kit, infrared prefab sauna kit, or pre-cut sauna kit does not fit the specifications of a particular project, bathers or facility managers can purchase the components for their sauna rooms separately and build a sauna bathing space that meets their needs. We offer sauna bathers and commercial facilities sauna heaters, stoves, doors, and sauna heater parts for their sauna rooms.


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Bathers, club or spa facility managers, and contractors can contact the SteamSaunaBath Service Center by filling out a contact form or by phone at (800) 707-2862 to learn more about modular sauna kits, infrared sauna kits, pre-cut sauna kits, and custom sauna rooms.