Sauna Cleaners

Sauna Cleaning Products & Maintenance Tips

Keep your sauna in pristine condition and running optimally with sauna cleaners and disinfectants from SteamSaunaBath. Our sauna cleaning products are specially formulated to remove residue, stains, dirt, and bacteria from wood surfaces in sauna rooms.


We offer sauna cleaners in 22-ounce sprays and 1-gallon bulk sizes. Select the product that best suits your needs.

Sauna Maintenance & Wood Treatment

The high humidity and warm, moist conditions of a sauna make it extremely important to perform routine sauna care. Regularly cleaning your sauna keeps your space looking beautiful, prevents bacteria, and mold from growing, and helps ensure the best possible bathing experiences.


Moisture, heat, and lighting will all affect the appearance of your sauna over time. Some stains in your sauna wood may be too deep to be easily removed with a sauna cleaner. In these cases, we recommend lightly sanding them down with sandpaper until they are expunged. After sanding, we suggest wiping down all surfaces of your sauna with a towel.


How to Clean Your Sauna

Cleaning your home sauna starts by wiping down its interior with water after each bathing session. We recommend keeping a hand brush, water bucket, and wash towel handy inside or next to your sauna. By taking just a few short minutes to wipe down its surfaces, this will keep your sauna in excellent condition for a long time.


Other than a basic cleaning after each use, we recommend a deeper clean every week to two weeks – depending on how often you use your sauna. A deep clean involves washing down all surfaces of your sauna with water and disinfectants. Carefully scrub the benches, flooring, and walls of your space to preserve its natural look and prevent any stains.


The walls are the easiest to clean due to them not being in contact with sweat. The highest traffic locations in a sauna are its benches and flooring, especially in commercial applications. Make sure to thoroughly clean these spots with water and disinfectants.


We recommend keeping the door of your sauna open to help keep the surfaces of your space completely dry between uses.


Sauna Cleaning Support

Our team at SteamSaunaBath has more than fifty years of supporting the sauna needs of homeowners, trade professionals, and club and spa operators. We are committed to providing you with time-tested solutions to ensure that you get the most out of your environment.


For assistance with sauna care, maintenance, or selecting the best products for your space, call our technical bathing specialists at: (800) 707-2862.