Sauna Doors

Glass, Douglas Fir, & Extruded Aluminum Sauna Doors for Residential Homes, Commercial Health Clubs, & Spas

About Sauna Room Doors

Sauna room doors help keep the warm and dry heat trapped in the sauna room to ensure optimal sauna bathing comfort. Homeowners and commercial facilities can purchase a sauna door for their sauna rooms from SteamSaunaBath’s catalog. We are a full-service provider of pre-hung and prefab douglas fir, glass, and aluminum sauna doors.

All-Glass Frameless Hinged Sauna Doors

Shaded all-glass hinged sauna doors allow outside light to enter sauna room while offering privacy to the sauna bather. Prefab frameless glass doors are made from durable tempered safety glass that are built to withstand the heat produced by the sauna heater. Hinged glass sauna doors ship pre-hung with two hinges on a thick wooden jamb and are easy to install in standard residential and commercial sauna rooms.


Pre-hung all-glass hinged sauna doors can be customized to fit in various spaces. Prefabricated all-glass sauna doors require practically no maintenance, so they make a perfect addition to your home or commercial sauna room. View SteamSaunaBath’s selection of home, health club, and day-spa sauna room doors.

Solid Douglas Fir Paneled Hinged Sauna Doors

Framed solid douglas fir hinged sauna doors complement the wood theme in your sauna room. Since douglas fir is a non-porous hard wood, it acts as a great barrier to dry heat produced in sauna environments. Home bathers and commercial facilities use framed douglas fir wood doors for their sauna rooms.


Douglas fir hinged pre-built wood doors come in finishes that look great in any sauna room. Each door comes with a double pane tempered glass window to let outside light into the sauna room. Framed douglas fir hinged doors come pre-built and pre-hung on sturdy wooden jambs to make the installation process as simple as possible.


Residential bathers, health clubs, and day spas use douglas fir sauna doors to build unparalleled sauna rooms. View our catalog of residential and commercial sauna doors.

Aluminum Hinged Sauna Doors

Framed extruded aluminum hinged doors are engineered specifically for health club and day spa sauna rooms with high traffic volumes. Each door is designed with extruded aluminum frames engineered to withstand years of standard wear experienced in commercial facilities.


Extruded aluminum hinged doors come pre-hung on a frame for easy installation and come in a variety of designer finishes to enhance the décor of your sauna room.


Each framed aluminum sauna door comes with clear safety glass to let outside light into the sauna room, lifetime stainless steel hinges and fasteners, interior cedar handles, a stainless steel closer, wood pile seals, vinyl tapered sweep, and a rail to redirect water back into the sauna room. For additional lighting, commercial facilities can choose a door with various side panel windows. Each door is built with first-rate materials for long-lasting and trouble-free performance. Check out SteamSaunaBath’s selection of home, health club, and day spa sauna doors.

Customized Sauna Doors

Each sauna door can be customized to fit your sauna bathing needs. Bathers and facility managers can choose a glass type, frame style, and door size that works well with their space.


Sauna Room Door Glass Styles

  • Clear Tempered
  • Clear Insulated
  • Bronze Tinted Tempered
  • Bronze Tinted Insulated
  • Satin

Sauna Door Frame Styles

  • Anodized Clear
  • Anodized Bronze
  • Painted White
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

For safety reasons, all hinged sauna doors open outwards. In addition, SteamSaunaBath recommends leaving an air gap of up to an inch between the door bottom and floor for optimum airflow.


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If you need assistance finding or installing a door for your sauna room, contact an Account Manager at SteamSaunaBath. If you are interested in building or enhancing a steam shower, we also recommend learning more about steam doors. To learn more about sauna room doors and steam bath doors, call our Service Center at (800) 707-2862 or fill out a contact form to reach our Account Managers.