Steam Room Construction

Steam Room Construction

Over fifty years of experience designing, servicing, and building luxury steam showers has made SteamSaunaBath the industry leader in steam room projects. Since 1969, our team has created more than 50,000 bathing spaces nationwide. Steam showers built by our team can be found in luxury homes, health clubs, day spas, and hotels.


Steam rooms constructed by our team are engineered for years of bathing enjoyment. We ensure that all rooms comply with all safety codes and are fully serviceable.


The SteamSaunaBath team comprises designers, engineers, craftsmen, trade professionals, and bathing experts— each with a complete understanding of what makes a bathing space extraordinary. Our efforts are focused on building a steam room that will provide years of beauty, safety, and optimal performance.


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Custom Steam Shower Design

The design of your steam room will impact its performance for years, which is why the planning phase is critical to the success of your environment.


Our expert designers create detailed visualizations of home and commercial steam rooms. We make detailed schematics, blueprints, and photo-realistic 3D digital models so that you may view your completed bathing space before construction begins.


We take all factors into consideration throughout the steam room design process— collaborating with you to determine your exact expectations and requirements. We then lay out a step-by-step process to guide the project through its completion.


Whether you are a homeowner, club and spa manager, architect, or trade professional, SteamSaunaBath possesses the skills, resources, and expertise to support you at every phase of your project.


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Complete Steam Shower Environments

When you’re comparing luxury steam rooms for sale, you will find that SteamSaunaBath is uniquely qualified to provide you with all the essential components to create a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating multi-sensorial bathing experience.


Each space includes an array of customizable features such as vibrant chromotherapy colored lighting, cascading body mists and sprays, essential aroma oil systems, and much more.


These sensory enhancements work in tandem with the steam to intensify the healthful effects of each bathing session. The combination of multiple features offers a variety of psychological and physiological steam shower benefits.


Bathology environments feature the latest in steam bath technology, vaporproofing, and innovation— making them the best steam showers for residential and commercial bathing applications.


Our unique ability to distribute and construct these state-of-the-art bathing spaces makes SteamSaunaBath the single source for all our customers’ bathing needs.


Home Bathers—

The addition of a multisensory steam shower environment to your home will transform each bathing session into a highly anticipated event. After deciding which home steam room is perfect for you, our expert team can work with you to construct your space and install all equipment.


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Commercial Wellness Facilities—

Health clubs, day spas, and commercial facilities trust Bathology’s selection of all-inclusive commercial steam rooms to create transcendent bathing experiences for member bathers. Multisensory steam showers will surpass all previous expectations and ensure member retention.


Bathology environments integrate seamlessly into your current facility operations. Our expert craftsmen can reliably build each steam room to meet your exact needs. We work within your timeline to construct spaces that will provide years of reliable performance.


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Trade Professionals—

If you are a trade professional looking to install a steam room for your clients, give us a call! We can provide you with the greatest number of options of steam rooms that best suit your customers’ needs and help you grow your business.


Tailored to Your Vision

Our expert team works with you to tailor your steam shower enclosure to your exact needs. If certain features within a room draw your attention and you would like to further customize your space, speak with a SteamSaunaBath specialist today.


Let us help make your dream bathing space a reality. To find out more about complete steam environments, call: (800) 707-2862.


Steam Shower Installation and Repair

Our service technicians have successfully completed thousands of steam room installations in home and commercial spaces. Each technician has hands-on experience with every brand and type of equipment, allowing us to perfect the process of steam room equipment installation.


In addition to expert installation, our team provides on-site and in-home steam room equipment repair, with minimal disturbance to normal operations. We provide steam shower generator repair, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance programs, generator parts replacements, and more.


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Steam Shower Parts & Equipment

SteamSaunaBath stocks thousands of home and commercial steam room parts and equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers.


By choosing to buy from our site, you can create luxury steam showers for less than from any other channel. Our selection of steam room products at the guaranteed lowest prices allows you to build your space with the highest quality products and minimize your steam shower cost.


We are a master stocking distributor of:


SteamSaunaBath is the trusted equipment source for home bathers, skilled DIY steam room builders, tradesmen, and health club and spa operators.


Same-day shipping on a variety of parts and equipment ensures that you have what you need when you need it.


Expert Technical Support and Assistance

When you select SteamSaunaBath to create your steam room, you receive a partner for supporting your construction needs from start to finish.


Our expert bathing technicians can assist with technical advice, optimal equipment specification, order tracking, and answering any technical questions.


We collaborate with you to determine your exact project needs. After these are determined, we can determine project scope and create a timeline for our team to install your steam room.


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