What You Should Know About Harvia Heaters and Saunas

What You Should Know About Harvia Heaters and Saunas

Harvia is the biggest manufacturer of wood-burning sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters globally. The company was founded over seven decades ago and has gained global popularity with its high-quality products. The firm manufactures advanced commercial and home sauna products.

Harvia produces many different options of sauna heaters. Consumers choose their ideal product based on their preferences and the size of their sauna. Harvia sauna heaters include the KIP45W, KIP30W, KIP60W, Vega Compact 1900, and Vega Compact 1700.

For the best sauna experience, select the electric heater that fits your power requirement and choose the right kind of rocks for your Harvia sauna heater. Then, sit down in your sauna room, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your high-quality Harvia heater.

How Do You Choose and Correctly Assemble a Harvia Sauna Heater?

The structure and volume of one's sauna will influence the heater they choose. On average, 1kilowatt of heater power is needed for every cubic meter of sauna volume. If the sauna has heat-storing surfaces or window surfaces like huge logs or concrete, the power requirement grows.

You should ensure that your ceiling and walls have good thermal insulation when building your sauna. Additionally, you should consider a room's ventilation as efficient air circulation ensures that sauna users can easily breathe in clean air.

Don't forget the stones

You also need stones in Harvia saunas. These hot rocks help heat the sauna by releasing steam. Not every rock can be used in a sauna. Some stones release and absorb heat better than others.

When selecting rocks for your Harvia sauna, ensure you choose stones that can provide you with just enough steam and heat. What you choose makes a difference. Wood-burning stoves and electric heaters usually use very large split-face stones because these rocks store a lot of heat and vaporize water thrown onto them efficiently.

Angular split-face stones can also be used in electric heaters. They enable heat to be conveyed in the sauna via the gaps through the hot stones.

You should avoid using any rounded (smooth), soapstone (soft), or ceramic (light) sauna rocks, which may cause issues in electric Harvia sauna heaters.