Where You Buy Matters

The business you choose to entrust when creating your bathing space will have a big impact on the performance of your steam shower or sauna. SteamSaunaBath has over fifty years of expertise and a commitment to building state-of-the art steam rooms, sauna rooms, and enhanced bathing spaces.

The knowledge and experience we have gained from building and servicing more than 50,000 bathing environments means that we are uniquely qualified to guarantee your bathing satisfaction.


Unlike the big-box retailers who have virtually no knowledge of the products they sell, SteamSaunaBath has a complete technical understanding of every product we offer, how they interact with other components, and how to correctly specify and guarantee the success of your bathing space. In addition, as the nation’s leader in steam and sauna, we can match or beat any price.


We are committed to quality and value above all. Our product engineers construct and operate prototypes of home and commercial bathing spaces in our development center to test products for quality, durability, functionality, and performance. Only after a product has successfully completed these rigorous tests will it be offered to our valued customers.


As the process of building bathing spaces has evolved, SteamSaunaBath has continued to advance the art of bathing and master the latest innovations. By combining time-tested solutions with cutting-edge technology, we provide our customers with the necessary tools to ensure a lifetime of exceptional bathing.


Discover the latest in home and commercial steam shower and sauna innovation.