Bathology Brilliance 360-60

Sauna, Dotless LED White Light Fixture, 60"

Brilliance 360-60

Illuminate your Sauna with the Brilliance 360 Dimmable 60" LED light bar. Continuous LED light with no spots. Articulated hinges allow the angle of the bar to be adjusted as needed. Also available in 12", 24", 36", and 48" lengths.

Required Spectrum 360 Control System sold separately.

Limit of 4 Fixtures per control system.

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Create sophisticated and inviting ambient lighting effects in your sauna with Bathology Brilliance 360 linear LED light strips. These continuous LED bars feature an integrated diffusing lens to create a more upscale, modern, "dotless" effect. The articulating hinges allow the light to be aimed precisely to create the perfect illumination and mood lighting.

When used with the required Bathology Spectrum 360 control system you have infinite adjustment of brightness of the room with the illuminated, flush-mounted, touch-sensitive power switch. Just tap to turn on or off, or touch-and-hold to dim or brighten.


Available in 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” lengths. Mix and match lengths to suit your needs.

Required Spectrum 360 Control System sold separately.

Limit of 4 fixtures per control system.

  • Dot less Led Light Bar
  • 180° Pivot for Precise Adjustment
  • Touch Activated Illuminated Dimmer
  • Illuminated Dimmer
  • Anodized Aluminum Channel
  • 60” LED Light Bar
  • 20’ DC Cable
  • 3 – Articulating Mounting Clips
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Model Brilliance 360-60
Operating Voltage 24VDC
Lumens 1150 Lumens
Kelvin Temperature 3000K
Dimension 11/16"W x 7/16"H x 60"L (With Flush C Clips) 1-1/8"H (With Adjustable Mounting Clips)
Connection 20' barrel connector
Rating IP67
Required for Operation
Sauna, Dotless LED Lighting Control, Single Zone
Spectrum 360

Sauna LED Lighting Control System for use with Bathology Brilliance 360 LED Light Bars. Touch-sensitive illuminated control button controls power and infinite dimming.

Note: Operates up to 4 LED light bars (available in 5 sizes, sold separately below).

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