SaunaLife Sauna Wax

Sauna Wood Wax, 15.2oz

Sauna Wax

Beautify and protect your sauna's wood with a decorative and protective natural sauna wax from SaunaLife for interior wood sauna surfaces. The natural wax is absorbed into the wood, creating a water repellant and stain resistant surface. In addition to the added protection, SaunaLife Sauna Wax enhances the warm appearance of the wood. Ideal for saunas and other wood surfaces where safe, non-toxic protection is needed. Available in Clear or choose tinted sauna wax in Grey, White, or Black.

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Protect your investment and enhance your sauna's natural beauty! SaunaLife Sauna Wax protects and enhances the appearance of the wood surfaces inside your sauna. It is a protective coating, repelling moisture and preventing the wood from drying out or cracking due to high heat and humidity. Additionally, SaunaLife Sauna Wax can provide a more warm, elegant finish, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Make SaunaLife Sauna Wax part of your yearly maintenance of your sauna to preserve the wood and keep it looking great.

SaunaLife Sauna Wood Wax is available in Clear, White, Grey, or Black tint so you can personalize the appearance of your sauna to suit your distinct style.

  • Contains natural wax.
  • Forms a water and dirt dirt-repellenting on the surface of the wood.
  • Allows the wood breathe.
  • Preserves the natural beautiful tone of the wood.
  • For the treatment of wooden surfaces in interior work: residential, sauna, laundry, steam and dressing rooms.
    • New untreated or cleaned wooden sauna surfaces: sauna platforms, sauna lavas, walls, ceilings, window frames, doors, moldings, etc. Not suitable for treating previously oiled wooden surfaces, unless the oil has completely worn off. For internal work.
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) – content complies with EU directive 2004/42/EC.
  • Sauna wax 15.22 oz (.45L)
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Model Sauna Wax
Product dimensions 15.22 oz (.45L)
Density 102 L (102kg)
Application surfaces Untreated/cleaned wooden sauna surfaces
Application Method Rub with Brush or Sponge
Dry time .5 - 2 Hours
Coverage Area 9-13 m²/L one layer
VOC Level 130 g/L
Scent Odorless
Retention time 3 years
Shipping Dimensions 7"L x 7"W x 5"H
Shipping Weight 3 lbs