SaunaLife Sauna Paraffin Oil

Odorless Sauna Wood Oil 500ml (16.9 oz)

Sauna Paraffin Oil

SaunaLife Sauna Paraffin Oil is formulated to beautify and nourish the wooden surfaces of your sauna. Enhance the warm natural beauty of the sauna wood while protecting the surfaces from moisture, dirt, and humidity, increasing the longevity of your sauna.

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Protect and beautify your sauna with SaunaLife's specially formulated Sauna Paraffin Oil. Enjoy the soothing warmth of your sauna without any unpleasant scents. This carefully crafted oil offers is fragrance-free.

SaunaLife's Sauna paraffin-infused oil is a formulated to be simple and pure. As you apply the oil, it thoroughly absorbs into the surface of the wood, protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the sauna. SaunaLife sauna paraffin oil creates a protective barrier, nourishing the wood and shielding it from elevated temperatures and humidity. The result is enhanced longevity and appearance.

  • Penetrates the wooden surface well.
  • Forms a dirt and water repellent surface coating.
  • Emphasizes the tone of the wood and brings out the structure of the wood.
  • The treated surface heats up less.
  • Easy and even application on wooden sauna platforms, headrests, backrests, sauna benches, and steam rooms.
  • The oiled surface is easy to clean.
  • Does not hinder the natural breathing of the wood.
  • Odorless, does not change the wood smell characteristic of the sauna.
  • Suitable for treating sauna surfaces that are in direct contact with human skin.
  • SaunaLife Sauna Paraffin Oil 16.91 oz (.5L)
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Model Sauna Oil
Product dimensions 16.91 oz (.5L)
Density .85 L (.85kg)
Application surfaces New wooden sauna surfaces
Application Method Rubbed with clean cloth
Dry time Depends on the porosity of the wood
Coverage Area 10-18 m 2 /L
Scent Odorless
Retention time 5 years
Certifications ~
Shipping Dimensions 7"L x 7"W x 5"H
Shipping Weight 3 lbs