Amerec Steam Shower Generators & Steam Room Boilers

Amerec Steam Bath Generators & Steam Boilers for Homes, Health Clubs, & Spa Steam Rooms



Amerec supplies homeowners, health clubs, spas, wellness facilities, and other commercial sites with state-of-the-art steam bath generators, electric steam room boilers, parts, and various other types of steam bathing products. Bathers choose Amerec products for their homes and commercial facilities because they are safe, reliable, and efficient.


As a master-stocking distributor of Amerec home and commercial steam room units, SteamSaunaBath guarantees the lowest price and, more importantly, we stand behind your purchase with unmatched technical assistance and product support amassed from our half-century of experience in steam bathing.


Amerec Steam Bath Generators for Home Steam Showers

Bathers rely on Amerec AK and AX steam bath generators to create rejuvenating and therapeutic steam baths. Amerec home steam shower generators are popular with bathers because they are designed for long lasting performance and reliability.


Amerec home steam shower generators use a "Sequential Temperature Control" to ensure consistent steam flow and temperature throughout the steam room. This allows Amerec steam generators to activate the necessary heating elements required to achieve and maintain the set temperature, making the steam bath both more comfortable and efficient.


We Carry Amerec:

  • AK series generators
  • AX series generators


Amerec residential units feature power ratings between 4.5 to 14.1 kilowatts and can power rooms with dimensions within a range of 60 to 550 adjusted cubic feet. We strongly advise that you select a steam unit that has the correct power rating for the area of your bathing space. Use our Amerec steam shower sizing tool to find the Amerec generator power rating that is appropriate for your space.


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Amerec Steam Room Generators and Boiler Units for Commercial Health Clubs and Spas

Amerec commercial steam bath generators and steam room boilers are built to withstand the largest and most demanding steam rooms. Commercial facilities rely on Amerec equipment to build the perfect steam bath environment for their guests.


Amerec Electric Steam Room Boiler Units for Health Club Steam Rooms

Amerec’s AI line of steambath electric boilers are designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off automated operation. Each steam room boiler is designed to operate under pressure and is capable of powering up to two commercial facility steam rooms.


The AI series of high efficiency electric steam room boilers feature power ratings between 12 to 48 kilowatts and can power spaces with dimensions within a range of 300 to 2,400 cubic feet. Health club managers should choose a steam shower boiler with a power rating that is suitable for their enclosure.


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Amerec Steam Bath Generators for Spas

Day-spa owners trust Amerec AK steambath generators to power their steam showers. Amerec AK steam shower generators are designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off automated operation. AK steam generators feature power ratings between 4.5 to 14.1 kilowatts and are built for environments between 60 to 550 adjusted cubic feet. Day spas should purchase a steam bath generator that works well with their space.


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