How to Clean a Sauna

Sauna Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Space in Pristine Condition


January 6, 2023

sauna clean

Regularly cleaning your sauna helps prolong its life and ensure the best possible at-home sauna experiences. Here are a few simple and easy sauna maintenance tips from the technical experts at SteamSaunaBath to keep your space operating optimally.


1) Properly caring for a traditional sauna starts by airing out the humidity of the room after your bathing session. Leaving the door open lets fresh air circulate throughout the space and speeds up the drying process significantly.
2) After the room cools down, we recommend inspecting and removing any visible dust, hair, or dirt. Gently scrub any wood surfaces that you touch with a damp rag, hand brush, towel, or sponge for a couple of minutes. This includes benches, backrests, and door handles.
3) Wipe down any visible sweat marks and stains with sauna cleaning solutions to help prevent unwanted bacteria buildup. These products are specially formulated to remove residue, stains, and dirt from sauna wood.
4) There may be times when wood stains are too deep to remove with a sauna cleaner. In cases like this, we recommend lightly sanding down the wood with a high grit sandpaper until they are removed. Make sure to wipe down any surfaces with a damp towel after they are sanded.
5) Vacuum or sweep the floor of your sauna room once every few weeks to remove any dirt or dust that you track into the sauna. It is also recommended to shower and clean your feet before each visit as a simple precautionary step.
6) Sitting on a towel or seat cover during your sauna session helps absorb water and prevent it from soaking into the sauna wood. You can also place a towel on the floor to help prevent stains from building up there.


Following these steps helps protect your investment and maximize the benefits of your home sauna. For assistance with sauna maintenance and repair, call: (800) 707-2862. Our team has over fifty years of experience supporting the needs of DIY sauna builders and would be happy to help!