Steam Shower Doors and Sauna Doors

Hinged and Sliding Steam Room and Sauna Doors for Homes, Health Clubs, and Spas

About Steam Room and Sauna Doors

Steam shower and sauna room doors are a key component of your bathing environment and allow you to control the atmosphere inside of your bathing space and ensure optimal bathing satisfaction. SteamSaunaBath offers only the highest quality steam shower and sauna doors which are constructed of the highest quality materials and feature the latest innovations for years of safe and worry-free performance.


With more than 50 years experience, SteamSaunaBath can make sure that you get the right door for your environment, and our technical specialists can guide you through the process of choosing your door. You can rely on our expertise and our complete selection of high-quality steam shower and sauna doors to complete your bathing environment.

Steam Shower Doors

Selecting the right door is an essential step in creating the optimal steam room environment is. Our variety of steam-tight, vapor-proof steam room doors ensures that steam and water are kept inside of your bathing space. Glass steam shower doors let natural light into the steam room and allow you to elegantly showcase your bathing space.


Our unmatched selection of hinged steam room doors, sliding glass doors, and shower surrounds ensures that you can find the best steam shower door for your space. Steam room doors are available in a variety of stylish finishes and can be customized to best suit your room.


We also offer a variety of ADA-compliant commercial steam room doors to support the needs of clubs and spas.


Shop our complete selection of steam room doors for homes, health clubs, and day spas.


For assistance in selecting your door, contact a technical specialist at (800) 707-2862.

Sauna Room Doors

Selecting the right door for your sauna has a big impact on the performance of your bathing environment. Our high-quality sauna doors ensure that warmth and dry heat are trapped inside your sauna. Each door offered by SteamSaunaBath is built to withstand the intense heat produced by a sauna heater and has wood touchpoints that prevent contact with extreme heat.


Select from pre-hung, prefab, glass, and aluminum sauna doors. Each door is available in a variety of glass and frame styles.


Shop our complete catalog of home sauna doors and commercial sauna doors.

Customized Steam Room and Sauna Doors

Steam room and sauna doors can be tailored to best suit your bathing needs. After selecting a door, choose from a variety of options such as glass type or texture, frame style, and dimensions.

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A half-century of steam room and sauna experience has made SteamSaunaBath the industry experts. If you have any questions about steam room doors or sauna doors, contact an Account Manager at SteamSaunaBath by phone at (800) 707-2862. We will help find the perfect door that best suits your bathing needs and preferences.