Steam Shower Doors & Sauna Doors

Steam shower and sauna doors create an inviting entrance and control the atmosphere inside your space.


SteamSaunaBath carries the industry’s best selection of steam room and sauna doors for homes, health clubs, and day spas in our 56,000 square-foot distribution center. 


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Steam Shower Enclosures

Choosing the right door is an essential step in creating the optimal steam bath environment. Our steam-tight, vapor-proof steam room doors ensure that heat, steam, and water are kept inside of your bathing space.


Our glass steam shower doors combine beautiful design with precise modern craftsmanship. Glass steam shower doors let natural light into the steam room and allow you to elegantly showcase your environment. We offer a variety of hinged steam room doors, sliding glass doors, and shower surrounds. Our steam shower doors are available in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes to match the design and layout of your bathroom. Steam room doors can also be further customized to suit your unique needs.


Health clubs, spas, and renowned commercial wellness facilities rely on our variety of ADA-compliant steam shower doors to complete their bathing environments. ADA-compliant commercial steam room doors provide ease of access and optimal bather safety.


Hinged Glass Doors Sliding Glass Doors
•  Most common type of steam room door •  Features slim-line door track and easy-glide sliding door system
•  Open outwards from the shower enclosure for safety •  Available in a variety of designer finishes
•  Available frameless & in a variety of unique styles •  Included vinyl seal system keeps steam inside enclosure
•  Included drip rail captures and redirects water into enclosure •  Ideal material for post-steam ventilation
•  Engineered to keep heat and moisture within the steam room    


Custom Steam Shower Door Finishes Custom Steam Bath Door Glass Styles
•  Silver •  Obscure Glass
•  Gold •  Clear Glass
•  Anodized Clear •  Etched Glass
•  Antique Pewter •  Rain Shower Glass
•  Satin Nickel •  Channeled Glass
•  Brass •  Reflection Glass
•  Bronze •  Balance Glass
•  Oil Rubbed Bronze •  Harvest Glass
•  Anodized Bronze •  Mist Glass
•  Brushed Bronze •  Storm Glass
•  Almond    
•  Burnished Copper    
•  White    
•  Painted White    
•  Wrought Iron    


Sauna Room Doors

Doors are a crucial component of ensuring the safety and longevity of your sauna environment. Our durable sauna doors ensure that warmth and dry heat are kept inside of the sauna. Our DIY sauna doors are engineered to withstand the intense heat generated by a sauna heater. Each door is equipped with wood touchpoints that prevent contact with extreme heat.


We carry all-glass frameless hinged sauna doors, solid douglas fir paneled hinged sauna doors, and aluminum hinged sauna doors. Each option is available with a variety of different glass types, frame styles, and door sizes. Doors can also be customized to fit your unique needs.


Custom Sauna Door Glass Styles Custom Sauna Door Frame Styles
•  Clear Tempered •  Anodized Clear
•  Clear Insulated •  Anodized Bronze
•  Bronze Tinted Tempered •  Painted White
•  Bronze Tinted Insulated •  Light Brown
•  Satin •  Dark Brown


We Can Make Your Dream Bathing Space a Reality

Fifty years of designing and creating steam room and sauna environments has made SteamSaunaBath the industry experts. Over this time, we have supported the bathing needs of thousands of homeowners, commercial wellness facility operators, and DIY steam room and sauna builders.


Our team can help with designing, planning, and specifying the optimal steam room and sauna doors for your space. In addition to doors, we also carry the industry’s largest selection of steam generators, sauna heaters, construction equipment, lighting, parts, and much more.


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