ProSaunas Heat-Treated Alder 2x4

Heat Treated Alder, Sauna Wood, Bench Material, 2"x4"

Heat Treated Alder 2x4

The ProSaunas Heat-Treated Alder 2"x4" sauna wood profile is an elegant bench material for any sauna room. The organic heat treatment improves the properties of wood considerably, improving the durability and dimensional stability of the timber and produces an attractive, warm appearance.

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ProSaunas Heat Treated Alder 2"x4" sauna wood profile is an elegant bench material for any sauna. The  chemical-free heat treatment organically improves the properties of wood and results in a more dimensionally stable and longer lasting timber. The heat treatment process involves natural changes in wood cells when exposed to supers-pressurized water vapor, resulting in an environmentally friendly, solid wood with a luxuriously warm, rich color.

  • Perfect for saunas
  • Water repellant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Ideal for interiors & benches
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Natural Wood
  • Can be combined with other profiles
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Model Heat Treated Alder 2x4
Description 2" x 4" Heat Treated Alder Bench Materal
Finish Heat Treated Alder
Product Weight 0.26 lbs per linear foot
Product Width 3 3/8"
Product Height 1 1/16"
Shipping Weight 0.26 lbs per linear foot
Shipping Length Up to 8'


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