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Bathology Spectrum 550

Color Bathing LED RGB Lighting System, Four Zone, Bathology

Rediscover bathing with the vibrancy of color, by Bathology.

Undo the day with a cascading rinse saturated in a warming red glow, while infusing your steam with the soothing hues of blue. Relax, unwind, and let yourself be enveloped in the tranquil color-soaked vapor. As your bath warms, the emerging fog becomes a vibrant showcase to fulfill its promise of absolute color bathing splendor. Once composed and restored, enjoy your rejuvenating shower as you begin your transition back to reality.

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The Spectrum 550 utilizes the intelligence of DMX communication for the radiance of its awe-inspiring colors and superior Chromatherapy experience. Benefiting from technology normally reserved for stage lighting professionals, Bathology captures the essence of this protocol to bring the stage to you. These brilliant LED lights can immerse any shower, steam bath, or bathing space in most any color including white.

The brilliance of Spectrum Color Bathing Systems is in their LED RGB lights. These low-profile fixtures boast an impressive IP 68 water-proof rating and a small-scale 1-1/4" diameter lens to cast their shine. Appropriately named "Brilliance" for their undeniable luster, these dynamic ceiling, wall and floor mounted mood lights benefit from one tri-color LED for superior color mixing innovation.

Essential to the Spectrum Color Bathing experience is its premiere wall-mounted touch interface. Intuitive, low-voltage, and featuring a color blending palette, this veritable color command center will respond to the most delicate of touches. One by one, cast the unique colors of your stage. Perhaps red for the ceiling fixtures, blue for the room floor perimeter, vibrant yellow to highlight the corners, and light green for infusion with steam. Or you may choose to bathe all four of these zones in a single custom color, where one swipe of a finger dims it to match your mood of the moment. Options abound with Spectrum 550 as each bathing experience differs from the previous, and the journey continues to discover your ideal color bathing effects.

The Spectrum 550 is packaged with four Brilliance 410 LED RGB color ceiling lights which are ideal for horizontal surface installation. These fixtures contains a clear, optical grade PMMA collimator with a clear tempered glass lens for maximum brightness. For environments greater than 12 square feet or where even more vibrant color is desired, consider adding additional lights up to a maximum of 48 lights per system. Note: As room layout and color bathing preferences do vary, Bathology provides a guideline of one Brilliance 410 fixture per 8 square foot of ceiling space.

Spectrum 550 also operates with optional Brilliance 420 LED RGB color wall lights which have a frosted, tempered glass lens and are recommended for vertical surface installation. These fixtures (shown below) soften the light and provide for a more diffused glow. Consider the bathing ambience that lighting a room's perimeter or bench can afford. Note: As room layout and color bathing preferences do vary, Bathology provides a guideline of one Brilliance 420 fixture per 3 lineal foot of wall.

Bathing Enthusiasts! Send us your bathing area drawings. We welcome the opportunity to specify a color bathing system and layout that will exceed your expectations and change your life! Call us at 800-707-2862 or email us at and a bathing specialist will be excited to assist you.

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  • Touch interface
  • Four zone LED RGB color bathing system
  • 48-Light capacity
  • Low-voltage LED lights
  • RGB White light
  • Suitable for use as primary light source
  • IP68 Waterproof light fixtures
  • 1-4 Zone operation
  • Dimming function
  • Luminous Flux (Lm) 88 2.5%
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 40-Degree beam angle


  • Brilliant color lighting
  • Small-scale, low-profile fixtures
  • Ceiling, wall or floor mounting lights
  • RGB White light
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dimmable 1-100%
  • Low-voltage safe operation
  • Waterproof LED lights
  • Versatile and customizable color bathing system
  • Four-zone lighting control
  • Expandable to 48 lights (12 lights per zone)


  • DMX Driver
  • Touch interface
  • Power supply, 12V DC
  • Power supply connector, 50'
  • DMX IN cable, 50'
  • Four Cat6 cable, DMX driver port, 12�
  • Four Cat6 cable, light, 25�
  • Four RJ-45 splitter
  • Four RJ-45 coupler
  • Four Brilliance 410 light fixtures
  • Installation and operation manual

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Steam Shower Lighting

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LED RGB Ceiling Light, Bathology  LED RGB Ceiling Light, Bathology Brilliance 410   $119.95 
LED RGB Wall & Floor Light, Bathology  LED RGB Wall & Floor Light, Bathology Brilliance 420   $119.95 

Model Spectrum 550

DMX Driver
   Operating Voltage 120VAC - 50-60Hz
   Power Consumption 200W
   Nominal Amperage 2.0 Amps
   Power Output 4-port / RJ-45 / 48VDC / 350mA each Output
   Dimensions 13”L x 10”W x 2-1/2” H
   IN Cable 3-Pin, 24Gauge, 50'
   Listing UL / CE / RoHS / WEEE

Power Supply
   Operating Voltage 120VAC
   Output Voltage 12VDC
   Power Consumption 48W
   Nominal Amperage 1.8 Amps
   Dimensions 2”W x 7”L x 1-1/4”H
   Connector 12V - 50’ Long

Touch Interface
   Housing Polycarbonate, Silver
   Dimensions 4-3/4”W x 4-1/8”H x 5/8”D
   Operating Voltage 12VDC
   Power Consumption (Active Mode) 1.3W
   Power Consumption (Standby Mode) 1.1W
   DMX Interface Isolation 100V
   DMX Refresh Rate 44 Hz
   CPU 16 bit RISC
   User Program Memory 32 KB

Brilliance Fixture
   Type LED RGB
   Operating Voltage 12VDC
   Maximum Input Current 350mA
   LED 1 x 3 Watt RGB in One
   Beam Angle 35 Degree Clear / 120 Degree Frosted
   Lumen 88 Lumens max per fixture
   Trim Finish Polished Chrome
   Housing Composition Stainless Steel
   Lens Clear or Frosted, 1-1/4” Diameter
   Lens Composition Clear tempered glass / Frosted tempered glass
   Rough-in Cutout 1-5/8”
   Trim Dimension 2” Diameter, 1/8” Profile
   Body Dimensions 1-5/8” Diameter x 2-1/4” Deep
   Rating IP68
   Certifications UL / CE / RoHS / WEEE
   Fastener Steel Spring Clips