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About Amerec

Amerec sauna heaters, controls, equipment, and parts continue to set the standard for performance, quality, and durability. Homeowners, health clubs, spas, and hotels around the nation trust Amerec when building uncompromising sauna rooms.


As a master-stocking distributor of Amerec products, SteamSaunaBath guarantees the lowest price and, more importantly, we stand behind your purchase with unmatched technical assistance and product support amassed from our half-century of experience in sauna and steam bathing. Whether you are a homeowner, club, tradesman, architect, or builder, SteamSaunaBath is your one source for Amerec commercial and residential sauna room bathing products.

Amerec Sauna Heaters

Amerec offers a comprehensive line of sauna heaters for home, health club, and spa sauna rooms. Bathers, facility managers, tradespeople, and architects across the nation utilize Amerec equipment to build state-of-the-art sauna bathing environments.


Each line of sauna heaters is designed to be installed in a wide variety of locations. Amerec provides concise guidelines which you may reference when choosing an installation location for your sauna room heater. We strongly advise that you select a heater that has the correct power rating for the area of your sauna bathing space. Take advantage of our sauna heater sizing tool to find the Amerec sauna room heater power rating that is appropriate for your design plan.

Amerec Sauna Heater Controls

Amerec offers an assortment of heater controls and control packages which correspond to their respective sauna heater series. These controls allow bathers to customize sauna room settings, such as temperature, bathing duration, and lighting. Select the residential or commercial control that best matches your heater, bathing preferences and budget.

Amerec Modular and Infrared Sauna Room Kits

Amerec offers homeowners and commercial facility managers with modular sauna and infrared kits that include all the necessary materials to build an awe-inspiring sauna room. The only items modular and infrared prefab kits do not include are sauna heaters and controls. These items can be purchased separately before or after the purchase of a sauna room kit. We offer premium heaters and controls from premium and trustworthy sauna manufacturers.


Modular freestanding prefab sauna room kits ship with pre-assembled and insulated wall and ceiling panels made from Western Red Cedar, interior trimming, benches, a back rest, a solidly constructed pre-hung door, duck board flooring, a heater guard rail, and a variety of other materials necessary to build the freestanding sauna room.


Infrared prefab sauna room kits include a frameless all-glass front that lets in natural light, prefabricated wall panels, a infrared heater designed to give even heat across the sauna room, a interior-mounted digital control system, a media player, a light fixture, and other materials necessary to build an infrared sauna room.

Amerec Pre-Cut Sauna Kits and Custom Sauna Rooms

Amerec offers residential and commercial pre-cut sauna kits for bathers that are looking to build a full-scale custom sauna room. Amerec pre-cut kits can be used to build a sauna environment in nearly any type of space. After receiving a pre-cut kit, homeowners or facility managers simply need to frame, insulate, and install each component in the proposed bathing space. Heaters and controls are not included in pre-cut sauna kits and will need to be purchased separately.


Amerec pre-cut sauna kits come with the finest Western Red Cedar wall and ceiling boards, interior trimming, benches, a back rest, a guard rail, exhaust cedar wood grills, a solidly constructed pre-hung glass door, heat resistant vapor barriers, a wall or ceiling mounted light fixture, and other materials necessary to develop a breathtaking full-scale sauna room.


If a pre-cut sauna kit does not fit the needs of your sauna room project, we recommend purchasing Amerec sauna components individually. SteamSaunaBath carries all of the necessary Amerec equipment and parts to build an awe-inspiring custom sauna room.

Amerec Sauna Doors

Sauna doors contain heat within the bathing enclosure to ensure a relaxing and therapeutic sauna bathing experience. We offer doors that blend well with almost any sauna room. View Amerec doors for home, club, and spa sauna rooms.

Amerec Parts and Safety Equipment

SteamSaunaBath carries a complete selection of Amerec parts to keep your bathing space operating optimally. We are a master-stocking distributor of Amerec parts and safety equipment and can ship the same day and guarantee the lowest price. More importantly, we can provide troubleshooting and technical assistance if you have any questions concerning parts installation.

Our Goal

It is our goal to unite home, club, and spa bathers with steam and sauna products and services that expand their enjoyment and involvement in experiential bathing. Since the beginning, SteamSaunaBath has made it a mission to further the physical, emotional, and therapeutic benefits of steam and sauna to the bathers of the world.


Unlike traditional companies, SteamSaunaBath has mastered nearly every construction related trade. Our steam and sauna experts hold a half-century of experience in the plumbing, electrical, and carpentry trades. We have leveraged our skills to build the finest steam and sauna bathing experiences available anywhere. Bathers, tradespeople, and healthclubs from New York City to Los Angeles rely on SteamSaunaBath to build bathing spaces. We offer steam and sauna design, installation, maintenance, and repair services in nearly every city, suburb, or rural area.


Bathers can receive huge savings on industry top brands, design support, installation assistance, a free lifetime of repair services, and other benefits through the bathlife program. Members of the bathlife program receive access to the BathingPro Network of steam and sauna service affiliates. This network is filled tradespeople that specialize at building awe-inspiring steam and sauna rooms. With bathlife, SteamSaunaBath aims to make the steam shower and sauna design, installation, maintenance, and repair processes simple and cost effective. If you need assistance planning your steam or sauna environment, purchasing parts,  researching steam shower doors, or installing these bathing spaces, contact a steam or sauna expert today.