Standard Therapy
11 point-massage jets, 3 bhp pump and an inline heater

Premium Therapy
14 point-massage jets, 2 2-bhp pumps and an inline heater

Ultra Therapy
9 point-massage jets, 4 directional jets, 14 micro- jets with Tsubo-massage, 2 curved grab bars, 2 neck rest pillows, 4 LED lights, 1 3-bhp pump, 1 2-bhp pump and an inline heater

Standard Air Bath Features and Construction

  • Multiple air jets with built-in, anti-return check valves
  • Whisper-quiet heated blower
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Electronic control keypad for various control settings
  • 20-minute timer

    Standard Whirlpool Features and Construction

  • Rigid PVC piping
  • Whisper-quiet pump
  • Fully adjustable high-flow point-massage jets
  • On / off control
  • Silent air volume control